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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

22,862 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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2 minutes ago, JaycemeSwain said:

I know you don't seem to understand it normally, so I helped you out a bit. anyways, don't pick Lycath or the native american name since we know DE wouldn't easily give the name justice

Riiiiight. So it's disrespectful and racist that I brought up the nuance between the tribes, and it's disrespectful and racist to use anglicized words of things. If they can tell the difference between the real words and the anglicized words, they can tell when you use asterisks. Glad you assume you're the only BIPOC here, I'm definitely 100% white ;)

Not sure where I was racist because I never used any of the words (again, the anglicized names don't even actually translate to what the words mean), and I never said that BIPOC people were less than, bad, or anything. Seems like a crutch of an argument, and I only "gaslit" you because you were calling me racist in the first place. Nice to know you know me so well as to know you're not gaslighting me! :D

By this logic, DE needs to remove any name in the game from non-white cultures because racism or something. 

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This is why, I think, Raksha was listed and why I picked it:


"And it is I, Raksha [The Demon], who answers. The man’s cub is mine, Lungri–mine to me! He shall not be killed. He shall live to run with the Pack and to hunt with the Pack; and in the end, look you, hunter of little naked cubs–frog-eater– fish-killer–he shall hunt thee!"
Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book
If you have ever seen the 1969(?) version of Jungle Book called Mowgli's Brothers, you would see that the Wolf Mother of Mowgli was one to be feared. So much, the Legendary White Tiger, Shere Kahn, did not dare snatch the man cub in their presence. He had to do it indirectly. I loved this scene because the way the voice actor placed so much authority behind those words, it gave me chills down my spine and I was like F'YEAH!!!!!
I really hope Raksha wins this vote! It makes the most sense out of all the names!
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2 minutes ago, (PSN)reddog6325 said:

Really surprised no one thought of Cerbera. Based on Cerberus, the 3 headed dog of the underworld in Greek mythology.

It's not that "no one thought of" it, it's that DE eliminated that. These are DE's 10 picks of names that aren't the most obvious mythological influences.

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1 hour ago, MoondustStar said:

I personally liked "Lycath" because it sounds so much like "Lycan" aka "Lycanthrope".

Seems lame to me cause it sounds like male name and frame is female.  


The whole list is terrible I chose dynara because while its still terrible its only one that doesn't make me physically I'll to see

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46 minutes ago, Archwizard said:

Ghella: ??? (please lmk if you know)


Fengarou: Possibly derived from "Fengari", modern Greek for "Moon"

(taken from the submission thread) Ghella based on the word for "wolf" from the Artsakh dialect of Armenian

additional info: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/գայլ#Armenian

I believe the original submission for Fengarou was meant as a portmanteau of Fenrir and Garou, but I like the Fengari "origin" better

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Wew am I not surprised to see Lycath up there, such a boring obligatory name. After running each of the names through a quick google search and some general spitballing on how I'd imagine Lotus & Ballas would pronounce the names, I think I'll go with Voruna. Dynara's a close second though, mainly due to how it sounds and also the rather humorous connotations her backstory has that this community would latch on to immediately

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10 minutes ago, Falling_Tide said:

I really dont like some of these, Lycath is way to on the nose
Raksha makes me think of Tiger demons

and the ones I do like are so low
Out of the top 4 being chosen I would settle for Voruna

Whats the problem here exactly? Excalibur is named literally right after the legend/myth and so is Wukong Banshee Nezha, then there's Hydroid which directly correlates to the word hydrate lol

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27 minutes ago, Kagami2141 said:

Well, from the full list it sounds noticeably better and also fits better into the general environment. And I don't quite understand how best to choose, there at least somewhere it was written that she can do, how to choose from the list more close to her general idea?

It's just a matter of picking the name that speaks to you the most. Everyone's doing that, for all that I don't care for one or two of the names on the list. Feel free to do more research, see if anything tilts you one way or another. Abstaining is also entirely valid!

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1 hour ago, JaycemeSwain said:

Voruna is a name of a literal slavic/baltic goddess(whose known to take the form of either a wolf or bear) and you assume lycath(which is extremely generic) is the best choice

Where is this info coming from? I've been trying to figure out why Voruna is a choice in the first place and all I can find is a random Hindu diety that has nothing to do with wolves. Even searching "voruna" or "Slavic wolf goddess" or any other combination will not bring anything for this supposed battle goddess. In fact all I can find in relation to a Slavic wolf diety is a god named Dazbog. Baltic is Medeina, which is way better than any options listed here anyway, but it's not Voruna.

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Serria - In Latin it means "saw" or "jagged".  It's perfect for this female frame's form. 

I'm really disappointed in the names given, since they're either masculine ( should have made the warframe male ), or people don't know the meaning of the name. It seems we're not even trying / being serious now.

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