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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

22,862 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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  • Poll closed on 2022-10-28 at 03:59 AM

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15 hours ago, (PSN)Poestis said:

Again, if you don't count Umbra Excal.

He's called Excalibur Umbra, not Umbra Excalibur.

Considering he's just legal loophole stand-in for Excalibur Prime then no; I don't count Umbra. And I won't count him until he becomes his own entire kit with all of his abilities being different from Excalibur and drops Excalibur from its name.

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3 hours ago, (XBOX)BURRITO DEVIL said:

Lycath sounds kinda lame tbh

Yeah I like the name I come up with better lyceta after lycan and Lestat also fits the female appearance better then lycath I also like and voted on dynara since she is female after all

Edited by (XBOX)ZETA N1NE
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42 minutes ago, Roble_Viejo said:
I don't know if its too late or not, but IMO the name should be "Lycantra"
"Lycath" sounds generic and without the H at the end is just "Lycat" (Were-cat?).
"Lycantra" on the other hand sounds more aggressive and feminine, and the word "Lycan" is one of the most popular words for Werewolves since its the closest to the original lore of the King Lycaon of Arcadia who was cursed by Zeus to become a wolf-like beast who eats Human flesh.
Its also sad that one of the most popular names requested by the Community: "Amarok" is not even in the options. I liked that one too.
I guess this is Xaku all over again, DE asks the Community for ideas and then completely ignores them.

Sad Puss In Boots GIF by PeacockTV

I came up with Lyceta and Lyceta Prime name but never made it into the top 10 unfortunately.

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1 hour ago, (NSW)Captain said:

It's Eastern European so it doesn't translate nicely into English. Try "Zvoruna" or Medeina.

More importantly, Kereboros means "spot" in Greek. Like the dog name "Spot", yes.


1 hour ago, NightmareT12 said:

Looked up the Design Council thread. Here's what @Orabell, submitter of the name, posted:


Thank you both for the info! Understanding the name better helps me appreciate it more. I do think if it's chosen it should stick with "Zvoruna" since that actually relates to the theme they're going for. It doesn't play nice in English, but Voruna is so close to Varuna that people likely won't find the proper influences down the line if they don't know where to look.

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53 minutes ago, (PSN)VoidVox_ said:

Personally like Ulfra the best. Short, simple, easy to say, plus our first Warframe starting with "U." Similarly, Ylva would be good. 

Ulfra is terrible. It's like saying: He-Wolf-She

Ylva is already the feminine of Ulf. Ylva or bust. 

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The name i come up with for this frame is [Lyceta & Lyceta Prime ] after lycan and lestat that would of been a better choice for the she wolf but DE strictly left it to the council members to choose the names when it should have been a public vote on the top ten then a another public vote out of the ten names most liked by the entire community definitely would have been a better way to go about it.

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