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Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!


Vote on the name for the Wolf-inspired Warframe!   

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  1. 1. What is your vote for the name of the Wolf-inspired Warframe?

    • Raksha
    • Dynara
    • Lycath
    • Disa
    • Ylva
    • Ulfra
    • Voruna (Žvorūna)
    • Ghella
    • Fengarou
    • Nashoba

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10 hours ago, (XBOX)Th31EyedK1NG said:

Lycath most wolf name out of all, and one which didn't sound like they made random noises to figure out the rest lol

At least 5 of the others are wolf-related from other languages/mythologies than Ancient Greek. Most of them make perfect sense for a wolf-themed Warframe.

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42 minutes ago, WingedCrusade said:

All these names are awful. If I knew we would be voting to name I would have tossed in Sköll, the ancient norse wolf that chased the sun, or Lupa, the she-wolf that had nursed the two roman twins, Romulus and Remus. Are any of these inspired by anything in the slightest?

Raksha may come from Rakshasa, a Hindu being with fangs and claws that feasted upon humans, similar to wolves. It is also the Sanskrit word meaning "protect".

Lycath is quite clearly from "lycan", the Ancient Greek word for "wolf".

Ylva is a Swedish name meaning "she-wolf".

Ulfra is a werewolf from the Elder Scrolls games.

Voruna is an alternate name of a Lithuanian goddess who is usually represented as a wolf.

Fengarou is a mix of "Fenrir", a wolf from Norse mythology, and "garou" from French's "loup-garou" that literally means "werewolf".

Nashoba is the Choctaw word for "wolf".


Googling most of these gives an answer almost immediately, but self-imposed ignorance works too.

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10 hours ago, Archwizard said:

Really doesn't help that DE didn't include a guide as to what these names mean so I'm having to independently research them:

Raksha: Meaning "Protector", likely a nod to the Rakshasi of Hindu mythology, malevolent bestial demigods akin to demons (D&D typically has them be tiger-like but the mythology is non-specific about what 'beast' they are); also the name of Mowgli's wolf mother from The Jungle Book

Dynara: Possibly a spelling of Deianira, Greek for "man-destroyer"; the mother of Lycaon, a king who was turned into a wolf by Zeus after feeding his own son to the god

Lycath: Most likely derived from "lycan", as in wolf, but isn't actually a word
And because it's the only one people recognize without researching, probably the default pick for people who don't know the meanings. This is why name guides are important, DE!

Disa: Possibly derived from a feminine spirit of Fate from Norse mythology, OR a heroine from Scandinavian mythology who outwitted the god Freyr; can't really find a connection to wolves

Ylva: Old Swedish name meaning She-wolf

Ulfra: "Ulf" is Old Norse for Wolf

Žvorūna: Lithuanian goddess of forests and the hunt; the name comes from the Lithuanian word "žvėris" meaning "beast"

Ghella: From the Artsakh dialect of Armenian meaning Wolf (thanks Ayem!)

Fengarou: Possibly derived from "Fengari", modern Greek for "Moon"; allegedly a portmanteau of "Fenrir" and "Garou" (Japanese for starving wolf AND French for werewolf)

Nashoba: Choctaw Native American meaning Wolf

And for the people who wanted Fenrir or Fenris: Fenrisulfr was a male wolf, and this is a feminine frame.
Most wolves from Norse mythology were depicted as male actually, which also tosses his sons Skoll and Hati/Managarmr, or his sister's dog Garmr out the window.

Cerberus, also a male hellhound.

Oh awesome, was catching up on some posts and found this, very good write-up! You're definitely right that DE should shed at least some light on the meanings.

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10 hours ago, JediDramaPrincess said:

Where is this info coming from? I've been trying to figure out why Voruna is a choice in the first place and all I can find is a random Hindu diety that has nothing to do with wolves. Even searching "voruna" or "Slavic wolf goddess" or any other combination will not bring anything for this supposed battle goddess. In fact all I can find in relation to a Slavic wolf diety is a god named Dazbog. Baltic is Medeina, which is way better than any options listed here anyway, but it's not Voruna.

Medeina is another of her names. I did a quick google search(Well Ecosia search) on her. She is a virgin huntress goddess who is known for taking the form of a hunting wolf. I found this info on the 1st page of my search

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4 hours ago, Astronobi said:

Why do so many people dislike Lycath? "Because it's too on the nose"?

We have so many warframes that have "obvious" names

A smoke warframe named Ash

A sound warframe named Banshee

A flame warframe named Ember

A balance warframe named Equinox

A sword warframe named Excalibur

An ice warframe named Frost

A water warframe named Hydroid

A dimensional warframe named Limbo

A trickster warframe named Loki

A magnetic warframe named Mag

An illusion warframe named Mirage

A death warframe named Nekros

An antimatter warframe named Nova

An electricity warframe named Volt

A spirit-like warframe named Wisp

And a bird warframe named Zephyr

But a wolf warframe named Lycath? That's where you draw the line?

Yes lycath is worse, all of those are straightforward Lycath is dancing around the word lycan, It's like if Excalibur was named Excalo.

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Team Voruna (Žvorūna) all the way. Lithuanian huntress-goddess protecting the forest FROM hunters which is a great characterization of her nature.

Plus "zver'" and it's variations name meaning beast/animal in old slavic (звѣрь), which later got into lithuanian (žvėrìs), polish (zwierz), latvian (zvęr), slovenian (zvȇr), russian (зверь), chezh (zvíře), ukrainian (звiр), bulgarian (звяр), slovak (zviera).

As a breathing melting pot of slavic genetic tree, my roots call to me.

(And I just love how it sounds!!)

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21 minutes ago, (XBOX)Snickerss xx said:

Voruna sounds garbage. Raksha or Dynara, 


Dynara still sorta works, as we have a few frames with names in the greco-roman territory, Raksha doesn't fit as the wolf frame doesn't give off Indian vibes. Voruna fits much better as its the name of a Slavic goddes(we get the lithuanan variant of the name as well) who is known as a huntress and can change her form to a wolf or bear

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