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Relay Blessing statue having incorrect colors and skins


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Ever since I got to MR 30, which I forgor when, Relay statues have been incorrectly assigning colors to armor pieces and syandanas. Today I went to give a blessing and my Baruuk had the wrong skin applied to his statue, as seen below.



Only the Narmer eye and the emissives in the syandana have incorrect colors, but I believe that is because the colors happen to allign with the ones in Baruuk, in the same order.

Although it is undeniable this next screenshot has incorrect armor and syandana colors, especially since the Conquera syandana cannot be colored (which I don't agree with, but am fully understanding of).


Also, the lack of physics in some cosmethics, but that isn't really an issue and is perfectly fine.

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I have a similar issue with the Subhuti Syandana, the custom colours of the syandana seem to be ignored and use the same colours(primary, secondary, tertiary, accents and emissive) of my warframe


The syandana also has it's physics frozen but the tail of my warframe has it's physics running at like 0.001x normal speed (it moves very slowly but still visible)

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