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Movember Captura Contest! Moframe2022 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


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Dr. Mesa vs. Virus Nidus

This Unedited Captura features the ongoing conflict between medical experts and COVID-19.
We really wish the end of the pandemic comes with our glorious victory one day. Until then, we will keep showing our highest respect for all medical workers fighting against the virus.

Tennos on this screen include:
Riesling (Dr. Mesa with the Baron moustache, left); and,
yomousagi03 (Virus Nidus with the Tusker moustache, right).

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  • [DE]Ronnie changed the title to Movember Captura Contest! Moframe2022 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

Congratulations to our Movember Captura Contest winners! We've reached out to all winners to help them get their prizes. If your piece is here, depending on where you submitted, check your Forum Inbox / Twitter Direct Messages / Instagram Comments etc! 


10. Tibetansun

9. Cosmicgorilla

8. Azprxzx

7. Blackmaggots666

6. FrostyUdon


4. BrotherAsecas

3. Hunkapain_Gaming

2. Riesling



5. Scratch Damage

4. Knightw0lf23

3. Moserioso https://twitter.com/Mooserioso/status/1587568842108182533/ 

2. RickunPrime

1. Aemrekc


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