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Echoes of Veilbreaker: Update 32.1


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Negative feedback increases over unnecessary nerfs, lack of pity mechanics for new features, and returning of the bugs. Please don't ignore our pleas. Say that you aknowledge the actually important ones: Unjust nerfs, Lack of proper access to Tau-forged Shards, Bugs that break weapons due to your "adjustments" - mention at least those three and explain some things, please.

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En 6/11/2022 a las 5:14, Yrkul dijo:

Ah. So making the fight more contrived, drawn out and tedious was on purpose. You guys really want people to hate the Kahl missions.

Congrats, it worked, apparently.

Nothing of what you are doing is making me want to do those missions more than once a week, and I'm starting to reconsider even that.

that is why i will never do the new war quest


like DE is working on making the game way more tedious on purpose


like come on TENCENT do something they are nerfing the game to oblivion T____T

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