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Downloading updates and starting game.


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Good evening all, i have a few questions i was hoping to figure out.

First off i downloaded the msi file, ran it, and began to let it "download updates" however during my first attempt i would get to what seemed to be an infinite loop of it downloading 231,901,702 b and it never actually finishing. It would start downloading, get to about 99%, then the download speed would drop to nothing, and the updates seem to start again... at the same 231,901,702 b benchmark.

Is this normal?

Also is there a specific way i am supposed to be launching the game? when i use the desktop icon, it goes to the forever update loop, but i found a file in my appdata folders (Warframex64.exe) that let me actually launch the game. But it crashed soon after.

And lastly... how large is the game supposed to be? during my first attempt at "downloading updates" i went to the download folder, or what i believed to be the download folder, and it was only at 381mb. that seems very small for a nextgen game.

Thank you.

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just and update.. i am still having no luck with the .exe's in my downloaded folders. I have tried the Warframe.x64.exe and it will load then crash at the loading screen. The Warframe.exe (im guessing 32 bit client?) only gives me a Physix error. And the launcher is currently downloading the patch. Im gonna see what it will do after the download completes.

Where is the game supposed to be installing to? My installs are located in my Users/Appdata directories. Is that correct? if there is supposed to be somewhere else or some other steps to installing i would greatly appreciate the heads up or point me in the direction to find said info... Thank you :D

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