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Warframe movement completely stops when using mouse keys bound to melee/abilities


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I play Warframe on my Xbox Series X using a keyboard and mouse. My mouse is a HyperX that has several additional buttons along the side. I'm able to bind the buttons with no issues and they can be used as intended, that is until I try to press the buttons while simultaneously moving. For example:

If I'm using Hydroid and moving forward with (W) and hold (1) on my keyboard to charge up his first ability, I can do so while moving.

If I do the exact same thing but instead of using (1) on my keyboard I use the button on my mouse corresponding to it, my Warframe will stop moving while I charge the ability and movement will not continue until I release all buttons and press W again.

It is the same with melee as well. If I use the melee button on my keyboard, I am able melee while moving forward just fine, but if it is bound to a button on my mouse and I use said button I will stop moving and then melee just to have to release all buttons and press (W) to continue forward again

This really seizes up the flow of the game and, as far as I can tell, is not an issue on PC 

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