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(SWITCH) Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix #2


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  • Intact Sentient Cores can now be picked up by Vacuum! 
    • A QOL bump due to the amount of UI noise experienced in Archon Hunt missions (specifically Defense). 
  • All color channels are now visible in the Operator Attachments category when an Ephemera is equipped that requires more than 1 color channel. 
    • This fixes only having 1 color option for Ephemeras that use more than just the Energy color channel for Operators (Eros Wings, Nyctalus, etc.). 
  • Added more fly-in cinematics for embarking and disembarking from the Skaut. 
  • Adjusted more offsets for the Shard Bane Ephemera on Nidus, Gendel, Chroma, Lavos, Frost, Hildryn, Atlas, Rhino, Ash, and Vauban. 
  • Made more improvements to attachment offsets on Drifter - notable fixes: 
    • Fixed issues with the Daedalus Chest Plate (Jade, Solstice, and Prisma), Kishikami Chest Armor, Focus School Badges (Zenurik, Naramon, Vazarin, Unairu). 
    • Fixed issues with Syandanas on default outfit: Ayla, Cryona, Deru, Despot Cape, Gigelor Prime, Graxx Spitfire, Hecate (regular and Prisma), Jade Axa, Kahtuss Prime, Ki’teer Razza, Obsidian Sedai, Reshantur Cult, Tenui, Vasa and Yomo.
    • Fixed Conquera Syandana using the wrong color slot on Drifter.
  • Kahl's Grineer Brothers brought in via Skaut “Kahl Beacon” Air Support now have names as intended!

Break Narmer Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Adjusted timing on Ven’kra Tel’s sniper laser shots.
  • Fixed one of the caged Grineer in the Murex mission not matching their appearance once freed.
  • Fixed loot dropped from enemies getting stuck “raining” down over and over if dropped into teleport volume in the Prison Break mission. 
  • More fixes towards the “Kahl Sneak Good” challenge not completing if you stun a Deacon without it seeing you. 
  • Fixed missing weapon barrel on the Rampart, which made it shoot projectiles from the bottom of the turret instead of the gun barrels.
  • Fixed Rampart projectiles colliding with the Rampart platform when fired at certain angles.
    • It still can get blocked if you aim all the way downwards, but it should hopefully be clearer from the barrel's positioning visible on the HUD. 
  • Fixed script error with the “Kahl Let the Drahks Out” challenge. 

Archon Hunt Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Chipper’s base Health for the Archon Hunt Defense mission.
  • Added new Chipper transmissions to the Archon Hunt Defense missions. 
  • Added new Chipper transmissions for “Wave Complete” in Archon Hunt Defense.


  • Fixed Corpus Shield Ospreys spawned by the Skaut “Kahl Beacon” Air Support halting Defense mission progress until they despawn. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ykuci2/a_small_issue/
  • Fixed Grineer units spawned from the Skaut “Kahl Beacon” Air Support using all the same “Tusk Hellion” name tag. 
  • Fixed ability to spawn an infinite amount of Narmer Hellions in Kahl Captura by Unveiling them.
    • The “Kill Enemies” button in Captura now also checks for allied faction enemies, as there is otherwise no way for players to get rid of them once converted.
  • Fixed enemy Narmer one-shot projectile ignoring Limbo's Rift state. The Rift has some exceptions, but these mad lad shots are not one of them. 
  • More fixes towards ammo pickups hovering around Warframe when Spectre has more max ammo than player. 
  • Fixed the Shard Bane Ephemera only showing 4/5 Archon Shards when equipped on certain Warframes. 
  • Fixed Syandanas reverting to default colors when Look-linked in Chat. 
  • Fixed Brachiolysts sometimes spawning non-Sentient limbs when killed by a Slash Status Effect. 
  • Fixed all Landing Crafts using the Liset Engine VFX in the Corpus Outpost and Grineer Shipyard tileset fly out extraction cinematics. 
  • Fixed the default Lotus end of mission transmissions playing in the Archon Hunt missions. 
  • Fixed script error with launching a mission with an Ephemera equipped. 

Known issues:

  • Adding Multishot to the Kompressa makes some of the bubbles explode immediately after firing. 

Code Changes Coming in Future Cert Update: 

  • Fixed crash related to Specters, Umbra (on Transference), and other friendly NPCs that use player loadouts consuming ammo. 
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12 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

All color channels are now visible in the Operator Attachments category when an Ephemera is equipped that requires more than 1 color channel. 

  • This fixes only having 1 color option for Ephemeras that use more than just the Energy color channel for Operators (Eros Wings, Nyctalus, etc.).


Thanks for adding the second energy color! Things look much better with it :)


I kind of hate to say it again, but there's one new bug that came with this, apparently the second and first energy colors are inverted for both the Drifter / Operator Ephemeras (& the Drifter's Syandana). A workaround for now is to simply place your intended color in the opposite color slot; One reason why I'm really grateful for the ability to drag & drop colors (If our Warframes & companions could have that too it'd be quite useful).

  • Just in case, I also tried to check if the secondary & first Emissive color slots are inverted for the Drifter's Syandana section, but at the time it was hard to tell with the ones I have (I used the Capella Prime Syandana due to it's notable emissive colors).

    It might be worth testing outside of the Drifter's Camp due to the winds blowing stuff around in the customization screen even inside the ship (I like the wind being there in general though, but perhaps not as much when I'm trying to change how some things look in the Arsenal, etc.).


Quick edit: There's one last thing I forgot to mention about the ability to drag & drop colors; Apparently (Using Switch controls, not sure how it works on other platforms), if you hold A to drag a color out of it's slot, then use the directional buttons on the left joycon to move around the color slots in various Drifter / Operator menu sections, you'll notice the cursor move upward diagonally as it tries locking onto many invisible points that probably shouldn't be there.

  • In other words this is similar to a since-fixed bug I mentioned about cursor positions in various loading screens, back then when you used any directional buttons to move the cursor; It somehow finds and moves onto many different points in close proximity to one another. It seems now the same thing can be done when holding colors for the Operator or Drifter, although I don't know for certain if it's in all of their customization screens.


Thanks for hearing me out on all of that! I didn't have a chance to catch these things earlier today, but hopefully it still helps.

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There's a possible bug(s) I found during the Junk run mission when I did it earlier today before the reset, so I'll just list things quickly before I get going to work;


  • For some reason when I tried having a Brother arm the Shock trap by a red gate in the area with two Deacons (I'm guessing this is where Sprag is?), I couldn't seem to open the gate after that. I initially tried this with the single Grineer guarding the gate after freeing him, but in the next Junk run attempt I had a whole squad of 6-7 brothers, and after having one arm the shock trap, it still wouldn't open the gate.
  • One more thing that comes to mind is in regards to the Ramparts during that mission's boss fight; I ended up missing the shots with two other Ramparts, so I tried using one that was nearly above where the Thumper currently was, but after aiming down at the Thumper, the blast hit the floor beneath the Rampart; I don't know if that's a bug or not, but I doubt it.
    • I did finish the mission still, but not quite in time for the 15 min. mark since I tried doubling back to open that Red gate again with the shock trap, which didn't work.


Aside from that, I was a bit surprised that the daily reset time went back to 4pm PST though; Is it based on daylight savings time?


Smol edit: I accidentally forgot to mention two more bugs that occurred during an Archon Defense mission; I can provide some screenshots if needed.


  • Whenever Chipper is downed, the regular Tenno Operative shows on-screen with their own dialogue, like before the update. I'm curious about what Chipper would say instead :)
    • (Knowing him, it could be any number of things)
  • Speaking of Chipper, when I gave him my secondary, he only seemed to aim it at every enemy, but never fired it. In this case it was a R40 Kuva Nukor, and I was the host on public matchmaking; It was a little while before anyone else showed up, but once someone did he seemed very keen on using their Kuva Nukor, but never mine when I gave it back to him a couple of times.
    • I wish I knew what the exact cause was, but that's all that comes to mind. Still finished the mission though, but I wasn't sure if I could redo the mission after completing it to test that bug again.
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