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Custom UI Themes resting everytime I have logged in since the New War came out

(XBOX)Requiem Nova

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Everytime since I have finished The New War when it came out in December 2021 my UI Theme selctions always reset to “Virtuvian” this only happens when I am in the Drifter’s Camp, so it wasn’t really a problem until Veilbreaker since I complete all of Kahl’s missions every week.

On top of that I chose “Lotus” in The New War, and the next day I logged in and she was “Natah” and this choice is PERMANENT so my Lotus has the wrong name too, and the UI Theme started resetting when this happened too, I was expecting an update to fix these at some point but it’s been almost a year and I’m still having these issues.

Also I’d like to add, when I load into the regular Orbiter my FOV is the default FOV and doesn’t fix until I do a mission or Transference. (I think this happens for everyone but I’m not sure though it would be a really nice change)

I’d dearly appreciate it if someone somehow at DE could fix this for me.

I am also curious if anyone else has had these problems or still does because NONE of my friends do or have.

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Happens to me every time if I have the Drifter camp set as my default space.

If I use the standard Orbiter as my space when I login my UI theme is the exact same one that I logged out with.

Pretty disappointing not being able to use the Drifter camp because it resets the UI.

This is on Xbox Series X, even cleared the cache and reserved space with no results.

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