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Orbiter radio + kuva lich/sister + general update


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When I encounter a lich/sister that says something like: You’re not the first tenno i’ve killed, or, come and meet your friends worm. I simply do not believe them.

but if we could get the liches and sisters trying to get in your head through the orbiter radio screaming into it saying things like “DO YOU HEAR ME WORM!” Or things like live broadcastings of tenno being killed to prove their “strength” and power, so that when i kill it i may feel like they actually did kill tenno and i need to kill them since they’re dangerous and not just that i want their gun.

or other corpus/grineer talking about thier day, talking about how the queens chosen, or the sister saved them in combat or they watched them kill a tenno

Adding some more life to warframe using the radio, and making it adapt to what quest you’re doing or what enemies you've faced recently

some factions/syndicates could even have advertisements, even if it’s just the corpus trying to sell solaris bits

(I apologize for my grammer, im just tired and want this idea out, i might fix it later)

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On 2022-11-20 at 12:07 AM, BroDutt said:

They kill a warframe before not Tenno (Void Transference is magic). You can spot some lich with Warframe Part on their armour.

I’m aware of the armor, I was just using ‘Tenno’ as a generic term for warframe as it is shorter, and who else can control a warframe (other than itself)

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