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(SWITCH) Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix #3


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(SWITCH) Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix #3

This Hotfix includes the changes and fixes from the 2 Hotfixes that went live for other platforms last week while Nintendo Switch had paused deployments. This Hotfix will appear and download as an update, and is a bit larger (roughly 235 MB) than usual due to some behind-the-scenes changes. 

Now that this Hotfix is live, Switch will follow suit with the rest of the platforms as we put focus onto the next Warframe Update: Lua’s Prey! More on that in the official PSA on what’s to come. 

Ven’kra Tel & Sprag Fixes: 

We have fixed script errors triggered by Kahl Breaking Veils that resulted in mission issues for both Ven’kra Tel & Sprag. These script errors also prevented both the “Find and defeat Ven’kra Tel” and “Find and defeat Sprag” Challenges from being achievable.

That said, upon login, 15 Stock will be sent via Inbox for those who have the respective incompletable Challenge noted above in “Prison Break” or the “Junk Run” Break Narmer missions.

Both Challenges will also be swapped to "Complete" in the Challenge tracking screens. 

Break Narmer Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed Caches for the “Unlock Cache with Passwords” Challenge in the Prison Break mission not spawning enough to complete the challenge. 
    • Also fixed a script error related to the above. 
  • Fixed extremely rare issue where end of mission results would not update at the end of Break Narmer missions. 
  • Fixed Grineer Drahks teleporting to player location if they do not despawn after being freed in the Junk Run mission. 
  • Fixed script error caused by the “Unlock Cache with Passwords” Challenge not being active while loading into the Prison Break mission. 
  • Fixed Break Narmer missions being able to be played with other players - these missions are designed to be single player only. 
  • Fixed the mines in Sprag’s arena remaining active while appearing inactive after Kahl dies. 
  • Fixed the Medusalyst Turrets dealing virtually no damage during the “Free Your Brothers” stage of the Prison Break Narmer mission.


  • The Vericres is now tradeable! 
  • Chipper in Archon Hunt missions will now teleport to players if he can’t reach them. 
  • Removed Helios Prime's Mastery Rank 8 requirement. 
    • A follow up to Hotfix 32.0.9, Helios Prime was the only Sentinel with a Mastery Rank requirement, so we removed it to make it consistent with the rest. 
  • Increased the Ignis Wraith’s Blueprint replication price from 15k to 20k Credits. 
    • Recently the Ignis Wraith Blueprint was made accessible to all clans. This included making the Blueprint sellable for the price it was sold at, so stockpilers could regain the credits they spent. With matching buy and sell prices, some players were moving large quantities of blueprints for net zero gain, which caused unexpected problems. 
  • Made several loading screen tip updates to get them up to date. Also added new Focus related tips. 


  • Fixed the following Crimson Archon Shard upgrades applying to all weapons instead of the intended listed Primary or Secondary weapons:  
    • +25% (+37.5%) Primary Status Chance
    • +25% (+37.5%) Secondary Critical Chance
  • Fixed Chipper randomly standing up after being downed in Archon Hunt missions. 
  • Fixed instances where NPC Defense targets were being called “Hostage” instead of “Operative” when downed (including Chipper in Archon Hunts). 
  • Fixed end of mission transmission issues in Sorties. 
  • Fixed the Avex Sniper used to enter the Ven’kra Tel fight arena appearing in the Veilbreaker Quest. 
  • Fixed script error related to Zariman Bounties. 
  • Fixed the Corinth using 3 rounds of ammo per alt-fire shot instead of the intended 1.  
  • Fixed being unable to complete the IO, Jupiter Defense Archon Hunt mission due to a friendly Shockwave Moa spawning.  
  • Fixed Corrupted Vor sinking into the floor in mission and in the Codex.
  • Fixed offset issues with most Syandanas when equipped on the Nightwave Drifter Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Broca, Centuria, Dominus, Kahtuss Prime, Kryoptera Syandanas when equipped on the TennoCon 2022 Drifter Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues with most Syandanas when equipped on the Drifter Grineer Suit. Fixed the Despot Cape Syandana clipping into the Drifter’s shoulders/upper back. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Asa (default and Phased), Deru, Hecate, Graxx Spitfire, Ki'Teer Straed, Despot Cape, Harkonar (default and Wraith), Kuva Cloak, Massif Prime, Yamako (default, Rubedo and Prisma), Quaro, Suparna, Synkra, Thorac, Vexillus Cloak, Yomo, and Stratum Syandanas when equipped on the male Drifter. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Ayla, Bennu, Centuria, Deru, Despot Cape, Eklis, Gigelor Prime, Graxx Spitfire, Jotunheim Music, Ki’Teer Straed, Mucusk, Nave Prime, Opulas Robe, Reshantur Cult, Salix (default and Solstice), Telos, Valesti, and Zamariu Syandana when equipped on the female Drifter. 
  • Fixed the default Defense target downed transmission playing instead of Chipper’s in Archon Hunts. 
  • Fixes towards the occasional ambient volume spike that could occur when leaving the elevator from Fortuna to the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed the charged projectile attack by Narmer enemies ignoring Limbo’s Rift state.
  • Fixed Message of the Day messages in chat being cut off in several languages.
  • Fixed the background image of the “Spawn Enemies” menu lingering after exiting it in Captura (Default and Kahl). 
  • Fixed script error that could occur if you unveiled Brothers in Kahl Captura. 


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