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Unauthorized Purchase or Duplicate Charge?



An apology in advance for posting my question here. I've been playing warframe for about 300 days and so far I've made several platinum transactions, support packs and prime acces without any problem, but, today I received 2 messages about charges to my debit card made at approximately 11:15 p.m. in warframe, being reflected to my account about 6 minutes later. At that time I was afk in Cetus within the game while I was answering a call and in my inventory nothing is reflected from any purchase made in my account. I don't share information with anyone in the game (I play solo most of the time) and outside the game my phone is locked for security when not in use.

I would like to know what is coming, since the charges are the same as ones I made 11 days ago in the game, so I don't know if it could be a duplicate charge.


PD: I made my original post here:

but someone told me that it would be better to leave it in this section too, sorry for the double post.

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sorry for the late update, in short, the error was from the alternative payment service used to make platinum purchases (in this case xsolla) after being redirected to them by support staff and contacting them at In their system for clarifying doubts, the money was refunded after a few weeks (the report started on November 17, the refund was completed today...)
Thanks for the answers both in the topic and in alternative messages.

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