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Hello, hope I'm in the correct forum to list the problems that I have with Warframe

I want to report many bugs happening alot since the start of playing this game never thought of taking the time to report it but now I'm doing it

1- Mission failed while objective still alive/intact out of nowhere (just lost a 1 hour run Arbi to nothing after long farm)

2- Plains Zarimann and Fortuna freezes after completing a bounty and extracting for good 15-20 seconds everytime (Fortuna excavation bonus counted as fail after finishing 1 excavation successfully).

3- Dojo crashes the game and makes it unresponsive until I get a "Couldn't retrieve data to dojo"

4- losing connection to PC host everytime just for 1 run to each PC player

5- Host migration makes my companion disappear specially Smeeta

6- If host left most of the time enemies do not respawn specially in void survival

7- Getting "Failed to create session" alot more frequently and the game change to unplayable until full restart

8- Weapons all of a sudden stop malfunctioning (You can't shoot or aim or even change weapons) this happen specially if you switch from operator to frame.

9- Session chat squad stays on after leaving squad make a hidden tab of squad chat that sometimes people send messages after leaving and it's annoying

10- Takes forever to connect to warframe menu when it show Excalibur it takes ages to log into my account

11- mobile app is really outdated with poor sound quality and bad UI


I'm playing on Xbox series X which it can handle the game so easily yet it keeps crashing, don't have any problem with any another game

Hope all of this get sorted out thanks in advance

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Hello (XBOX)RBxMonsterKill,

Typical NETWORK ISSUES usually with the host : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

#1 : Check with Death Log - Semlar.com or manually Reed EE.log to find out the reason

#9 : This is why most use discord 😤 but I agree it's buggy

#11 : It's still fine, old a bit oudated but fine...

... My Guess : DO NOT CROSSPLAY with random squad. Use it with friends on the same region as yours and best thinsg to do : lower you PING LIMIT.

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