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Alcolyte stops spawning after host migration

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Ceres Survival Steel Path Fissure.
PC player was host, aloclytes spawned until 20m at which point host and 1 other left.
Only I stayed so obvious host migration and obviously I was new host.

No alcolytes spawned after the host migration and I stayed to 40 min mark.
I MAY  have heard the heavy breathing of one just before the host migration (never the face or text though) but I'm not 100% sure on that because I was ash and the audio gets distorted/muted when you're invisible and I play with very low (barely audible) volume to begin with.

Really sucks when you are doing an endless for steel essence farming, and you want every boost you can get - including the boosts from opening relics, and then when you finally get the boosts, they stop spawning.

And you can't even restart the mission because it expired.

I believe I've posted this bug before, unsurprisingly not fixed then.  Not going to turn blue holding my breath now.

And even more annoying is when you are stuck with the permanent effects of an alcolyte magnetize effect after killing it for the rest of the mission. Something I've also posted about multiple times for a year now - but just in case the devs for whatever reason refuse to look at those bug reports and look at something like "ALCOLYTES DON"T SPAWN" I'll throw it in here too.



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Alcolytes not spawning after a host migration  is still an issue.  Although a little more detail:
It doesn't matter if the alolyte was spawning during the host migration or not.  A host migration in general can result in alcolytes no longer spawning.
It doesn't matter if the remaining crew is solo or not.



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