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Potential Bug linking rivens/other things


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So idk if this has been asked before but I've noticed since the last update a few bugs. Firstly, when I go to link a riven, 90% of the time everything works perfectly, and then I go to link one, I type [riven mod] and it briw1ngs up my rivens, then I am unable to do anything, I can move my cursor etc and look at my rivens but I can't exit the menu, forcing me to restart.



Another very similar one happens when I go to spawn enemies in the simulacrum,  I open that menu that shows all the enemies,  and boom, unable to spawn enemies, unable to click anything, unable to close that screen. 



Sorry for the long post, does anyone have any idea of what causes this/how to fix it? Or do I have to just deal with restarting once or twice a day 

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