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Clan Glitch



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the Clan disappears, you are auto-kicked or display bug? 

If Clan disbands - that isn't your fault, that would be on the Founding Warlord. Just keep looking you'll get a good one.

If Clan remains but you're no longer part of it- ask the Founding Warlord what happened. They may have several reasons for your removal or been unaware. If it says you actually left the Clan, then send DE a Support ticket right now as that sounds like a bug.

If you truly want to eliminate all liklihood it's you- create your own Clan just for a test. Log out of Warframe once you crafted the Dojo key. If at any time you log in and your own Clan has disbanded you need talk to DE Support asap and check nobody else in your home or friends have access to your PSN as that would possibly be on you too

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