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More Maps Please


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8 hours ago, (XBOX)SAKURA IXI said:

I would like more maps added into conclave please.  Conclave is really fun. I want more maps though! 

Me too! I would love to see more maps added into conclave.  A dog days map would be cool. And the cephalon capture exclusive maps used to be in the annihilation map rotation but they put them into cephalon capture exclusively unfortunately.  I hope DE will move those maps back into the annihilation map rotation again because they are really fun to play on. 

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On 2022-11-30 at 10:56 AM, Mazifet said:

DE doesn't want to pour time and money into a gamemode 98% of the playerbase doesn't touch, so unless a significant portion of the community suddenly starts playing conclave it's not going to happen.

More maps are already being made semi-frequently. The issue is they can only be played as the first match of a server, and then cannot be replayed, even if the "same" map is voted on. There are also maps that were removed from the rotation for Capture the Cephalon. Dog Days is also a possible map, considering it functions similarly to Rathuum and Index, which are both based on Conclave. That would add anywhere from 4-6 maps without requiring new assets (which are still made on occasion).

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