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Akvasto Lost it's identity


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DE pls revert the fire rate changes for all of the Vasto variants

The Vasto Prime now is almost as slow as the Lex Prime with 2 fewer shots and a bit less base damage

A lot of people really liked the normal revolver feel and lock of the Vasto family, but now it has an identity crisis because it just feels like a Lex
And you can't tell me it's because "you can't actually shoot that fast", I can't shoot as fast as the Lato allows it and I had no problems using the AkVasto at maximum fire rate and the Lato is still faster than I can press m1
My 80 year old grandma can shoot faster than that

Semi auto weapons already had a hard time competing, due to there slower rate of fire and single target focus, compared to all the full auto and aoe weapons in the game. So I don't understand why DE didn't just straight up buff semi auto guns while the where already adjusting them.

I just hope that this Issue gets enough attention for DE to doe something about it
Thanks and bye

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As someone who used Akvasto since my first days in the game and still use them as of today, I'm actually fine with the changes.

It's true, we kinda lost the spamminess that made Akvasto how it is, and hosing bullets on someone by clicking as fast as you could felt good for some of us and it's definitely the reason why most Akvasto users keeped using the weapon. But we also have to keep in mind that these changes brought some noticeable advantages : it almost doubled ammo efficiency while allowing people who have hand problems to handle the weapon better without macros. 110 base damage also seems to allow me to pass some good breakpoints with some damage buffs. Now it feels like I can one tap HS some enemies on SP much more reliably than before. It definitely feels good, but also quite different.

Now that I tasted the 110 base damage on Akvasto Prime I kinda want to keep it this way. That said, I wouldn't be against a slight increase to base RoF to 4.0 to differentiate the weapon more from Aklex : this would bump the RoF to 6.4 with Lethal Torrent, which is plenty for that spammy goodness without relying on macros. This would also buff Akvasto slightly as well but honestly our beloved weapon deserves it.

An accessibility setting for people with hand problems who want to use these kind of weapon should definitely be cooked however. There's many games today that make weapons supposed to be semi-auto work as automatic (Paladins is the first exemple that comes to y mind), and I don't really see a problem about letting semi auto weapons act like auto with a toggleable option (fire rate wouldn't change, it would just allow you to keep shooting if you hold the trigger).

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"Look how they massacered my boy..."

Dear devs, I don't use the Akvasto because I somehow forgot what the Aklex was called, I use it because I want to hammer away like a mad cowboy and pump whatever I'm looking at full of lead while shouting "Yeehaw!"  I don't care if it isn't optimal, it's fun and stylish.

If i wanted big slow lead spitters that get outpaced by every other pistol, I'd use the Aklex. Can someone PLEASE change the Vasto family back?

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On 2022-12-01 at 1:35 PM, (PSN)haphazardlynamed said:

Basically they eliminated an entire weapon archetype

and doing was completely unnecessary, because alternatives already existed for people who didn't like clicking fast.

Yeaa, or just add an auto fire mod like people keep asking for

My thing was even if it was humanly impossible to press the button more than 5 times a second, it still gave the weapon the benefit of countering -fire rate mods like Critical Delay which in a way helped some semi autos ve different from each other

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