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Was conjunction voltage supposed to be a shotgun/primary arcane?


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It's honestly just sort of a weak arcane? 

Flare is 480% damage, merciless and deadhead are 360% while offering +30% reload and +50% headshot multiplier respectively..

All significantly stronger than their respective damage mods, stronger than a 5 pip +damage riven, basically the strongest source of +, damage you will get on most weapons.

Voltage is 120% multishot.. Um, that's half of the multishot that basically just using Galvanized Diffusion will get you. It's only +50% more multishot than what you are probably already using and you're losing all of that damage to get it. 

It.. Sort of might be worth using on a weapon that was:

1. Inherently very strong except for a poor reload / uptime ratio 

2. Able to put out the 40 procs to max very fast

3. Particularly good with multishot

All 3 would be needed before I would even bother trying it personally. The only secondaries I can actually think of like that are basically Twin Grakatas and maybe Kompressa? 

If it was a shotgun mod, would it really be that much better? I guess it would not have to compete with Flare at least ^^;

Of course it's also Warframe, if you can't make a weapon work with this you're probably not doing it right. I'm going to use it on my meme machine gun fire rate Sporelacer just to make it even spammer for fun lol

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Shotguns can be built for high electric damage and decent status rate, and have inherently high multishot, scoring more procs more quickly.

It still wouldn't be great, but it would be fine for bossing on elec or viralec builds. It's only competition really is the other mod released this update, that scales on cold procs.


Just really feels like it at least fits shotguns, if not an amazing arcane. But, on pistol, you have to go so far out of your way to build around it, just to get inferior performance to any other arcane.

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It does seem like it would fit shotguns pretty well.

As far as sidearms go, my first thoughts were Twin Kohmak and  Twin Rogga. But maybe that's because my first thoughts are always Twin Kohmak and Twin Rogga.  Anyway, both "shotguns".  I'm sure there are some beam secondaries it  would be ok on, although I don't recall any that have inherent multi.


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On 2022-12-02 at 5:19 AM, BR31 said:

Tbh i'd swap new arcanes . Cold for sec and elect for primaries.

I cold for primaries it to midigate viral with the extra 120% CD and multi.


I like the new arcane for pistols with weirdly slow reloads and high status. Allows me to drop a mod and still get the reload buff not needing the kill.

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