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On which frames is the Nira set fun to use on?



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I'm going to cast my vote for Mag (especially Mag Prime). This is a biased vote, because I only use Mag(s), but I do actually think she's a contender for several reasons:

  • Mag's grouping with a high-range bubble can position all enemies in a room to be slammed
  • Mag has a really good armor strip now which also prevents enemies from moving, so it's like they're just begging to get slammed
  • Mag's always thirsty for energy, so a free CC ability (especially early game) is a nice alternative
  • Nira desecrated a Mag Prime body, so I think there's some well deserved symmetry there (You use my body, I'll use your Anguish, Hatred, and Contempt)
  • The Verdilac (Nira's Whip) has a 9m slam radius. Not exactly Mag related, but...
  • ...Mag's aesthetic goes well with whips. Tight fitting clothes are useful when wielding a weapon that has to fly through the air fast enough to break the sound barrier
  • Hatred adds duration, which is really nice for many Mag builds
  • Mag's 2 and 3 can trivialize enemy range attacks, giving you plenty of time to set up and execute 
  • Mag's pull also has a rework that groups just about everyone in site
  • Mag's always in need of a health regen option, and a Life Steal activates from a Heavy Slam, so it becomes an ability-free CC+Heal attack

So yes, my vote is Mag.

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Changed "enemies from movie" to "enemies from moving" (Why, Fingers? Listen to Brain!)
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