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Which is better for my situation my Fragor Hammer or my Obex Sparring?



Here is some back story to see where my questions come from

I’m currently ranking my weapon on a defense infection mission (in case those details help) and right now my current strategy is using the Ground Slam of the Hammer (Rank 30 Fragor) with the Mods Seismic Wave and Molten Impact for a Ground Slam Radius damage of 600 and a Ground Slam Radius of 9 this is all under the Primary section of the Weapon Details list

my question is about it’s Grounded Heavy Attack because I’m looking at my screen right now and I see a Heavy Attack Slam Radial Damage of 3,000 and a Heavy Attack Slam Radius of 10 now I’m wondering how it has a bigger radius than the AOE Ground Slam when it looks like a Single Target Attack this is all part of the Heavy Attack part of the Weapon Detail List

Also right now I’m looking at my Sparring weapon (Rank 30 Obex) with the mods Seismic Wave, Pressure Point, and Killing Blow and I’m looking at a Damage of 4,896 a Slam Attack of 1,956 and a Slam Radius Damage of 1440 all under the Heavy Attack section of the Weapon Details list

depending on the answers above which would I be better off using my Fragor Hammer with Seismic Wave, Killing Blow, and Molten impact using while using the Ground Slam or Heavy Attack with the Hammer or my Obex Rank 30 Heavy Attack (Rising from the Ashes) with the Mods Killing Blow, Pressure Point, and Seismic Wave for my defense missions run?

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Building for slams is not very effective on any weapon other than Arca Titron, but yes, Killing Blow and Pressure Point should work on slam (and heavy slam). From both weapons, if we are speaking about regular Fragor and Obex, Obex has slightly better stats with less total damage, and slams with Obex do Electricity damage. Fragor have more total damage and slightly bigger slam radius. Both weapon types have multiplier of 3x for slams, so I'd say its a matter of personal preference. Slam radial damage has very harsh damage fallof.

If we would compare upgraded versions of Fragor and Obex, Fragor Prime and Prisma Obex, Fragor would be a clear winner here, better stats and starting combo for heavy attack of 2x.

If you really want to build your melee only for slamming things, get Arca Titron at MR10. Stackable buff that grants ton of damage on slams with maximum of 19m at max stacks.

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