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Mutalist Cernos Elemental Damage Scaling bugged for years


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So if you put a single element mod (can double up, example Rime Rounds + Cryo Rounds) in the weapon it adds in as normal, green stats go up and the damage can be felt and seen when shooting. Add in ANY other element than the one you put in and the numbers drop by what feels like 90%. No joke you can go try it, put in Rime Rounds, and you will have MORE damage than Rime Rounds WITH hellfire, High Voltage, Malignant Force, Infected Clip, and PRIMED CRYO ROUNDS.

Your damage from just Rime rounds is 426.7

Rime rounds with all those mentioned mods is 300.

It is applying on the arrow AND cloud. Tested many times.

Good news to anyone reading this and wanting to use the weapon despite the bug. As this is my most used weapon by over 10% usage, there is a build that I’ve used all this time and only tweaked.

Galvanized Chamber, Serration, Point Strike, Hunter Munitions, Rime Rounds, Primed Cryo Rounds (you CAN double up on a single element) and any riven bc the disposition is so high. 

The title might seem dramatic but I honestly for years haven’t seen anyone else really use this weapon so what I thought might be on purpose might be just me still using the weapon and no one being aware of the issue. Can we get this looked at and fixed, even if it’s just for me hahahah


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