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- Fixed Dojo "Room Building" UI hang resulting in unplayable game.

- Added more visibilty to Proc/status on enemies when dealing damage. Proc/status icons added to damage numbers.
- Injury Immunity fixes for Nyx when in Absorb.

- Fixed (for real) not being able to scan dead enemies multiple times.

- Fixed Blessing not making Trinity invulnerable.
- Fixed Scopes for lower resolutions (again for real)!
- Sweeper Shotgun reduced damage (we did missions without firing a single shot, necessary balance).



Now it's bed time for the devs ;)! Please enjoy Update 11 and it's two Hotfix iterations. We will be back in the morning to continue the review/response/hotfix process as necessary! Thank you for your patience, Tenno! 

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So how about those Ember fixes that didn't actually fix her? Fireball is performing admirably now, but it's not crowd controlling anything. They are on fire but the "i'm on fire" animations are nowhere to be seen. Overheat damage ticks so slowly enemies don't really care if it's up, Fireblast and WoF seem to have been untouched.


Ember is still the second slowest warframe available despite pleas for a speed buff. Scott completely ignored our requests to change her kit mechanics and instead (yet again) changed a couple numbers a LITTLE BIT but didn't actually touch the core problems with her which are:


1. A lot of overlap with her skills makes them redundant

2. Second slowest warframe despite being intended as a "glass cannon" playstyle


I thought she was supposed to be "ready" for her prime release? Seems to me not much has changed other than emphasis on using Fireball and not much else. I'm doing the level 25-30 infested missions solo (to eliminate potential lag and assisted damage from allies) with a 4star "caster" build, as she was intended and I'm almost dying and EASILY getting overrun even though I'm fireblasting doorways with WoF going. This should not be happening.


Her damage output is STILL mediocre and her overall performance has barely seen any improvement with this "buff". Scott, I'm begging you, if there's any compassion in your heart at all, at the VERY LEAST increase Ember's movement speed to respectable levels. That's ALL she needs to not cause complete frustration. Let her move about easier, and her skills will be fantastic and fun. Even if her damage output isn't insane at higher levels it won't be so bad because at least she can still mod for damage and get around without wasting a slot to put on rush.

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Next on the list for 11.0.3 should be fixes to the Mastery tests. They're still buggy as hell and rob players of their usual three attempts.


And how about making Achievements actually retroactive? They're all over the place right now.

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What about retroactive achievements? I'm rank 12 and I didn't get about 50% achievements.

im missing a LOT of achievments i have obviously completed, namely proficiency/mastery weapon ones, sentinels, time played, lower tiers of owned warframes, foundry building, and a couple others i cant think of at the moment, but yeah, a bunch aren't being retroactive, but others are. kind of irritating when you have "completionist OCD" - it will haunt me til you fix it. no lie.

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