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Aim Glide with Mele


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I've discovered that attempting to aim glide with a mele weapon equipped will automatically switch to either primary or secondary depending on which was last used. This can be helpful in some cases but it undermines other functions. As an example, the Exodia Contagion arcane fires a projectile if an air attack is used during an aim glide with a mele weapon. (I am aware as to the other criteria the mod has but this is the only information relevant to this discussion) Blocking, another important part of mele combos, is tied to the same input as ADS and will switch weapons. As of right now, the only way I have found to make this work is to unequip both primary and secondary weapons from my loadout. Another work around would be to change key bindings, though that is a pain for some people to get used to. This isn't something that should need to be fixed since it is a key component of mele gameplay. I would like to suggest an option to "lock" into mele mode on equip. Then instead of using ADS to switch to Primary or secondary, the "switch weapon" input would be used. This would make the mele combat more fluid and allow for greater flexibility in combat. 

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58 minutes ago, Tiltskillet said:

There is a control for this.  For me it's pressing and holding 'f'.

This. By default I think the binding is to hold the "swap weapon" key. This will lock you in melee--you will have to block manually, and you will be able to aim glide with block.

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1. Type "warframe melee" in google

2. Go to wiki

3. Find that you can hold F key (by default) to switch to "full mode":


Basic Maneuvers

Melee can be switched to at any time by pressing the melee attack key (default E ), immediately holstering the currently equipped gun, and can instantly switch back to an equipped primary or secondary weapon with the fire button (default LMB ) or zoom (default RMB ). Going into melee mode (default holding F ) will unlock additional melee combat features such as manual Blocking.

42. Profit

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