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Coming Soon: Devstream #168


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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:



It’s that time again, Tenno! Join us on Friday, March 3rd at 2 p.m. ET via twitch.tv/warframe for the official Duviri Devstream! (March is the new February, right?)

The team will dive into The Duviri Paradox for an in-depth walkthrough of Drifter Intrinsics, Kaithe customization, Drifter melee combat, and more to be revealed - including the next Prime Warframe! Plus, don’t miss a very important announcement about TennoCon 2023! 

Watch to earn yourself an Umbra Forma Twitch Drop! 

See you over at twitch.tv/warframe Friday, March 3rd at 2 p.m. ET! 

Operator using armour pieces when?



And what about Operators using melee? we have been asking for it for years there is no reason the them not to be able to use void melee weapons (like exalted blade). If you only do it for drifters you`re going to get a lot of ppl upset that operators can`t use it.




Operator void sword by Aaronj-c

Operator Narissa with blades 3 by Aaronj-cOperator Narissa with blades 4 by Aaronj-c

Operator Narissa with blades 7. by Aaronj-c

Operator Narissa with blades 1. by Aaronj-c



Plus there a lot if improvements the operators need, I hope they get them in the duviri update.

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