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PSN Hildryn Prime: Hotfix #6

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PSN Hildryn Prime: Hotfix #6



The stalwart shield maiden, Hildryn Prime, is here!

Enjoy instant access to the latest Prime Warframe with Hildryn Prime Access. Add Hildryn Prime to your Arsenal along with her signature Prime Weapon Larkspur Prime, Shade Prime Sentinel, exclusive Prime Accessories as well as Resource and Affinity Boosters, and more. 

Hildryn Prime proves that power is discipline’s reward.

Charge and release powerful bolts of balefire.

Embrace pandemonium. Chainfire and explosive potential meet in Larkspur Prime. Hildryn packs more ammo when she wields this mighty weapon.

*Prime Access Pack purchases come with a Gravimag to be used on your new Larkspur Prime or other Heavy Weapons. 

Shade Prime specializes in stealth and comes locked and loaded with the Burst Laser Prime. Together, you can dominate the shadows.

Shade Prime Buff: 
In preparation for the release of Hildryn Prime access, we improved Shade’s “Ghost” precept in the Citrine’s Last Wish update to more closely match how the Huras Kubrow’s “Stalk” works: 

  • The activation range is now 24 meters (up from 10 meters), and the Precept doesn’t check Line Of Sight anymore.
    • Also decreased the amount of time to re-cloak after disrupting your cloak.
    • Increased the weapon damage bonus from Shade’s “Ambush” Mod from 120% to 240%, for 3 seconds when you break out of invisibility.

Exclusive Hildryn Prime Glyphs



  • Heimt Prime Sentinel Accessories - A finely crafted accessory for your sentinel.
    • Sentinel Mask
    • Sentinel Wings
    • Sentinel Tail
  • Surator Prime Syandana - Feel the energy of the Surator Prime Syandana at your back as you feel the drive to push on.
  • 90 Day Resource Booster
  • 90 Day Affinity Booster

Instantly gain access to Hildryn Prime from the in-game Market or earn Relics in-game to craft Hildryn Prime, Larkspur Prime and Shade Prime in your Foundry. 

Now that Hildryn Prime Access is available, the following items have been added to the Prime Vault for a future Prime Resurgence rotation. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Gara Prime
  • Astilla Prime
  • Volnus Prime

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Rank 4 Steel Meridian sacrifice of Astilla Prime Receiver to Hystrix Prime Barrel. 
  • Replaced Rank 4 Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Astilla Prime Barrel to Corvas Prime Barrel. 
  • Replaced Rank 5 Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Gara Prime Chassis to Revenant Prime Systems. 
  • Replaced Rank 5 The Perrin Sequence sacrifice of Gara Prime Neuroptics to Revenant Prime Neuroptics. 


Riven Disposition Changes:

As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers, check the full details here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1342518-march-2023-riven-dispositions/

Learn more about our Riven Disposition Guidelines here:



Mirror Defense (Tyana Pass) Drop Table Changes: 

We have made the following changes to Mirror Defense’s drop table to make each rotation feel more rewarding by increasing your chance of earning Citrine, Corufell, Steflos, and the new Arcanes. 

  • Rotation A: 
    • Replaced the 3,000 Credits Cache and some Endo chance with Neo Relics. 
  • Rotation B:
    • Decreased the drop chance of Neo Relics. 
    • Increased the drop chance of Corufell and Steflos parts, Primary Plated Round and Secondary Kinship. 
  • Rotation C: 
    • Decreased the drop chance of Axi Relics. 
    • Increased the drop chance of Citrine’s Blueprints, Secondary Encumber, Arcane Double Back, and Arcane Steadfast. 

Visit the Public Drop Tables for the updated values.    


  • Slash Dash cast by Excalibur Specters and Excalibur Umbra will now target enemies instead of dashing at random (which would send them sailing 50 meters across the map). 
  • Changed the position of Citrine’s Remnants on the fan in the Void tunnel so that they are grouped together in the center of it for collection. 
  • Made slight changes to Citrine’s noble animation set FX timing. Also adjusted left arm movement. 


  • Optimized the FX in the Ropalolyst’s destroyed arena.  


  • Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream not benefiting from Vex Armor’s damage buff. 
  • Fixed Citrine’s Prismatic Gem disappearing when she enters a Nullifier bubble. 
    • This is consistent with other Warframe abilities such as Chroma’s Effigy, where his pelt remains active outside of the bubble regardless of if Chroma enters it. 
  • Fixed Citrine Specters not using abilities. 
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Reckoning duration being 7 seconds instead of the intended 10 and not scaling with mods. 
  • Fixed Tyana Pass, Mars being eligible for Kuva Lich missions if your Lich is on Mars. 
    • Since Kuva Lich missions are exclusively Grineer, this was creating spawning issues on the Corpus side of the Mirror Defense mission. 
  • Fixed new players being unable to use resource Extractors on Mars if you do not have Tyana Pass completed (which requires you to complete the Heart of Deimos Quest for it to appear in Navigation). 
  • Fixed immediately purchasing items with a reset timer (Palladino’s Offerings for example) after they’ve rolled over setting the next expiry date far earlier than the intended time. 
  • Fixed the “Metamorphic Magazine” Gorgon Augment Mod’s petrify effect not triggering for Clients with multishot (requiring them to take 20 shots no matter how many hits per shot are generated). 
  • Fixed Corpus Shield Drones shielding Teshin’s Specter in The War Within Quest. 
  • Fixed the Teshin Specter in The War Within Quest falling off the map and getting stuck in the stairs in the “Track Teshin” stage on Jupiter. 
    • Also fixes the extraction triggering early in that stage due to him despawning. 
  • Fixed players not extracting along with their other squadmates after Life Support reaches 0% in Survival missions. 
  • Fixed being unable to perform a stealth attack on unalerted Moas while wielding a one handed melee weapon. 
  • Fixed a crash with Octavia’s Resonator. 
  • Fixed occasional crash in Void Cascade missions when returning to the Chrysalith. 
  • Fixed reflection flattening issues in the Drifter Camp during the day. 
  • Fixed the Tenet Ferrox using the Warframe energy color instead of its own. 
  • More fixes towards lingering particle FX from the Steflos. 
  • Fixed the Kahl customization screen title showing as a file path.
  • Fixed the UI icon for fallen players in Arbitration missions being extremely pixelated.
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Mesa Prime and Limbo Prime Relics when you don’t own them. 
  • Fixed several text issues in Rania’s Crystal Codex entry. 
  • Fixed script error with Sprag in the Junk Run Break Narmer mission. 

For a list of known issues, visit the official Citrine’s Last Wish Known Issues thread.  

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb [DE]Danielle:

We have made the following changes to Mirror Defense’s drop table to make each rotation feel more rewarding by increasing your chance of earning Citrine, Corufell, Steflos, and the new Arcanes. 

Okay, I got to give some praise here, really nice to see that you took the time to improve the rotation rewards here. I always felt especially the credit caches to be more filler rotations than anything else. Nice to see that changed! 

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13 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Fixed the “Metamorphic Magazine” Gorgon Augment Mod’s petrify effect not triggering for Clients with multishot

A Similar Glitch Exists for Magnus Prime, Knell Prime, and Arca Sciso effects.

Please look into fixing these too?


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