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Level 3 Isolation vault issue


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When trying to gather the material from the "jug" to toss and open the portal, the material canot be retrieved. See video. I believe I determined this to be due to the fact i have two spectres. First is always a vapor spectre and the other was a moa, another time it was a shield osprey and another time it was a corrupted lancer. (Testing, and wasting time and spectres and having to abort).

I'm 95% certain it has to do with two spectres being used. Not sure on combination of types but when that nasty buzz sound starts I know my mission is over.

When you fix this can you go into my account and give back the 100 spectres i lost, the resources to build them, the many 1000s of amounts of many resource items from various planets and open worlds I was never rewarded, the T1, T2 and T3 vault bounties from well over a dozen crashed games, shards and arcanes from tridolon hunts, etc? 

It was good for about a month then the crashes started again and it's very frustrating. Throw us a bone! (doesn't hurt to ask)

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Forgot to mention the shield osprey sometimes won't go down in the tunnel with you at all, or will appear after you've beaten all the mechs, lime 10 minutes later lol

Also the vapor spectre is annoying because when you run up to the jug many times it runs up right next to you and when you press X it tells the spectre to hold position which is undesirable.

Also when. Fighting the mechs, the vapor spectre again follows right next to you. How about a 15-20 meter diameter or radius zone i stead of joined at the hip? When I call a spectre up i want it as a distraction so i can jump behind the mech and hit it's weak spot. The spectre keeps following me so the mech turns around every time to face me.

Also the various spectres seem to "zone out and daydream". I'll stop shooting and watch and the spectre is just standing there with enemies right next to it, and it does nothing. 

Also the spectres seem to use their abilities randomly and focus on their primary weapon only. My rev Prime spectre will danse macabre when there are no enemies, or only one enemy. My Khora will create her cage but won't kill any enemies trapped ever. Or always use the primary never secondary or melee. If I give my spectre Xoris why doesn't it ever do any power throws? Or use the dual keres prime?

Also I can't create a spectre with only one weapon, such as just a primary. Doesn't allow that, is that intentional?

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