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Purchasing Ciphers, Team heals etc


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there should be an option to buy an x amount, instead of having to buy one item at a time over and over again.

thankfull the ciphers come in 4's but the rest are just one single item.

I dunno about you but if you've played long enough 100,000 is an easy sum to make in the first week of gaming... when you first learn how to sell all the mods!!!

and so now I figured I'll try testing out these items, ciphers , shield, self heals, team heals etcs.

a suggestion for some new purchasable items.

Emp \ Taser Blast:

Stuns Enemy(s) for 5-10 seconds?... (would be very great vs bosses or annoying enemies)

but if it were used on a boss, since they're a boss, a freaking jefe, they'd probably have a few seconds less for the shock to wear off in comparison to normal enemies.

Energy Charger \ Battery:

Gain xx amount of energy.

Money\Exp Booster

x% , xx% , xxx% more Money \ Exp gained in a mission

Single Use, increases by set % of all total money \ exp gained in a SUCCESSFUL mission.

so this would be consumed as soon as a mission is started, no matter if it's a completed mission or not.


I tend to open ALL the lockers in the missions, kill everybody anywhere everywhere.

at the end of the level, for a 'good job, mission complete' we're left with a meager $500 + whatever you looted from everything else so that totals a lil over $1000-2000 give or take.

if you had equipped the Money x% , xx% , xxx% item before the mission started, you'd get ($500+ $1000-2000 loot money) * x% \ xx%, xxx%

Same goes for EXP at the end of a round.

It could be applied for every piece of Cred you find, every kill you make <- if this choice is made then I suppose you can have an UNSUCCESSFUL mission and still get the bonus, at the cost of not actually having beaten the mission whatever the case\cause,

or just the sum total at the end of a mission assuming it's successful with a plus x%, xx%, xxx% bonus.

the COSTof such an item assuming there is credit prices could be...

1000 creds for a small x%, 2000-5000+ creds for medium xx% bonus, and 100,00+ creds for xxx%

or an X amount of creds for each single percentage point! 1% = 250, 5% = 500, so on so forth. 10% = 1000

(the above are just crap credit prices , simply suggestions, I'm sure y'all can figure out whatever appropiate credit prices there could be, assuming the above bonus price is implemented)

and or you can make the xxx% and or xx% premium only as premium tends to be discussed as an easier FASTER way to get the good great guns n stuff n suches faster. as most successful f2p games are want to be.

Personal Shield Drone

like those darn annoying corpus , you too have an annoyingly bright light drone!

it too will shield you! after activation it either blows up \ deactivates, stops working after a set period of time (5 mins? great vs bosses then!) or has really, really low health. Like 2 rifle shots and it's dead health. dunno how the infection would kill this. maybe make it head\chest level floating?

on a different note, allow melle people to use the sword in any direction they AIM.

sometimes for fun whilst melleing I'll hold right click to 'zoom in' to see more detail as I melle.

BUT sometimes I actually try to melle down a floating lil corpus droid. sometimes they're just barely above my head and the SWORD WILL NOT HIT IT.

and on another note.

I think it would be nice for the warframe account to automatically be notified when someone else has posted in a forum you have started \ contributed in.

sure this may end up as a result of facebook status and message spams

but at least I can follow the various forums I've posted without having to use the search feature or try to remember what I have posted about!

I know there's a 'follow this topic' option but to me I'd rather just log in on my warframe account on this website and get a few lil update marks (much like facebook I know)

than getting email saying ' such n such has posted in a warframe forum you have posted, click to see what it is!'

(I get too many emails already!)

as always, whoever it is, thanks for getting all the way down here and reading n what knots!

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Way too strong, has no place as an item. On a given boss run, this could spell out 32 applications of stun across 4 frames. Even with 3 seconds duration, that is 1 minute, 36 seconds of AFKing for a boss mob. Such an item has no place as a purchaseable. Stun comes from abilities and mods.


Would make sense, since we have shield and health batteries. Good idea.

Money/XP Booster:

Those exist, on a 3 or 7 day basis, both double your credits/affinity income. A single use cash boost also would either be mandatory (costs 500, gives 1000, 500 raw win) or useless (costs 1000, gives 1000, no win or even less). A single use XP booster would trade cash for XP, basically buying XP, and that is convenience country - prime paid goods territory.

Shield Drone:

Exists, called Shield Booster, only with less of a rat's tail. ;)

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