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mag lock up after casting crush


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casting crush with any casting speed buff applied prevents mag from casting abilities or using operator or attacking for a short duration ( around 1 second with fracturing crush augment and 2 amber shards ) , says "ability in use" under the ability list no matter which ability i tried , tested in conjunction survival with no casting speed buff on frame and with the void dax 50% casting speed buff

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Also the duration of that "ability in use" sometimes differs and so is armour reduction via augment(sometimes enemies lose it almost instantly, sometimes - after a second or two). I think it happens because animation on enemies(them "crushing" and falling) is not increased, and difference in time happens when you cast it on CC immune enemies.

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so... I recorded a video https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1057358323923562589/1121472697646448712/2023-06-22_18-10-12.mp4

after the 1st cast I shoot kohm (
so weapons work fine) and try to use 3rd ability, which happens only after a second, because of "ability in use"
after the 2nd cast I try to use quick melee. I switch to it, but I don't use it right after switching(which usually happens)

P.S. I only had +37.5% casting speed(from taurforged yellow shard)

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