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Flux Rifle adjustments to not be pure Slash damage.

Boar Prime proc chance lowered.

A comment here that weapons are being looked at in respect to all the changes Damage 2.0 has brought and this is a work in progress.




Fixed Corpus Crewmen's heads being completely invincible, more work needed here to have proper fix.

Fixed issue where resources were not dropping in Venus.

Fixed issues where Sentinel attacks owner if they receive Radiation Proc.

Fixed Loki/Banshee Immortal skins not being tintable.

Fixed missing animations on knee slide with Lecta spin.
Fixed 10 foot tall heavies in Phobos.


Fixes and changes to chat including:

- Chat will now rejoin after losing connection to Chat host and reconnecting.

- Switched the user list and chat panel positions in the social menu.

- Placed the chat window in the lower left hand of the window in-game as default.

- Fixed Private Conversation tabs not persisting when going in and out of games.


Fixed issues where Bounce wasn’t dealing damage or ragdolling enemies.

Fixed issues where Crush wasn’t working in Conclaves

Fixed issue where Rhino Stomp wasn’t dealing damage in Conclaves.

Fixed issue where Capture issues not working with multiple targets.

Fixed issues where clients heard too many enemy sounds.


Note: users playing game in German language may experience mission end issues. Please switch to English or other language if you are able as we solve this issue.

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