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Some Equinox Rework Ideas

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This is my first time doing this so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place or something.. and sorry this might be a lot to read.. But I thought of some ideas to make Equinox a bit better..

ever since Equinox Prime Came Out She Became My Favorite Warframe.. but there are some issues I have and Ideas I have for her..
Probably my main problem is her passive ability... it's nice, don't get me wrong.. and matches her theme.. but I've found it to be completely unhelpful.. If I lose a lot of health I would have to pick up like 100 energy orbs just to make use of it that's if I can even pick any up.. so my idea was this.. when I played as Baruuk Prime to level him up I was interested.. using his abilities to break his restraint to use his 4th ability.. so I thought of something similar but for Equinox to replace her Passive.. everytime you use abilities in both of her forms it would build up a "duality bar" fully building up one half of the bar in night form would allow Equinox and her allies to regenerate 10 health per second and 5 energy per second.. filling the other half of the bar in day form would give Equinox and her allies 50% Damage reduction and 80% faster shield recharge speed.. once both sides of the bar are filled you can press and hold her metamorphosis ability to swap to her full form (the form she is usually in while in relays and stuff) fusing all of her abilities together.. while this form is active it'll only last until both sides of the duality bar are empty (as they will slowly drain until depleted) only lasting about 80 seconds. (not affected by ability duration. if that's too short of a duration then 120 seconds, if it's too long then just 60 seconds) in this form you can also use metamorphosis to swap to the form she was in before activating this... saving up the remaining amount of the duality bar left.
In this form Equinox will drain her health by 50 per second to heal all allies in affinity range by 65 health per second and Equinox will gain 90% damage reduction and 100% increased damage with everything (including abilities) and increasing the movement speed of her and her allies by 60% permanently (unless Equinox is no longer in this form anymore) PLUS, Equinox will gain 250 more armor for 40 Seconds.
in this form her fourth ability will become:
Healing Slaughter
Equinox and her allies in affinity range become invincible to all damage for 8 seconds (only once per cast. not affected by ability duration) and all nearby enemies move 50% slower and are inflicted with bleed status effect (damage affected by ability strength) that will deal 25% increased damage per second up to 100% more damage.. while active Equinox and her allies restore 150 health and shields for every enemy within range that are killed.. building up charge with the ability as well.. deactivate to release a wave of slashing force that also randomly deals two of four elements.. heat, electric, cold, and or toxin damage.
her third ability in this form will become:
Aggravating Tranquility
Nearby Enemies move 50% faster but take 100% more damage and deal 50% less damage (affected by ability strength up to a maximum of 75% speed increase, 150% damage taken increase, and 75% damage reduction) and Equinox and her allies gain 50% ability strength and 50% ability range but deal 15% less damage and move 30% slower (affected by ability strength up to a maximum of a 75% increase for both buffs, debuffs are not affected by ability strength)
and her 2nd ability will become:
Relaxing Fury
targets are put to sleep for 5 seconds (affected by ability duration up to maximum of 10 seconds) and lose 50% health over 5 seconds and Equinox and her allies will become invisible for 20 seconds (affected by ability duration up to a maximum of 30 seconds) when the enemies wake up they will become enraged and fight against their allies until the invisibility on Equinox and her allies ends.

I know it's a lot, sorry about that, this is the first time I'm posting something like this here too.
this doesn't have to be added into the game.. but I would be happy if the developers would at least consider adding this idea to the game.^^

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Posted (edited)

Bro.. just- at this point, I’d ask for a different frame,

but the idea of having duality form is intriguing

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