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Equinox Augment Mod idea! (Metamorphosis)


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The warframe Equinox has some amazing capabilities, and even more valuable team play when with a squad, I’ve come to notice that not many people seem to know her play style well enough as to swap between both forms consistently.

I’ve come up with an interesting augment mod to fix this.

I believe that if she, instead of having a slowly depreciating buff from her first ability, Metamorphosis, had it retain its full power throughout the form, yet additionally receive a Debuff of the opposing type, it would lead to some very fun gameplay!

> Day form permanently making equinox very offensively powerful, yet also making her more squishy would lead players to naturally swap back to Night form and be defensive.

> Night form permanently providing armor and shielding, but also reducing her damage so enemies stick around too long would motivate the consideration for a damage bump, leading back to Day form.

I feel like this kind of Augment mod could benefit her and introduce her versatility back into her play style.

TL;DR, [Metamorphosis] Augment mod makes her two forms work like corrupted mods, adding focused play and value to each form.

Please do take this idea into consideration with utmost care, as how she currently plays is my favorite and doesn’t need any rebalancing! (-In my opinion)

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