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Tranq rifle UI for colorblind people

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Here comes another annual plead for Tranq rifle UI rework.

The least DE could do is to change to color of animals to something a colorblind person can easily see (especially on Deimos). Let's say bright pink or something.
Better solution would be to let us configure the color.
The best solution would be to change the UI to provide more information about the location of the animals.

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You can change all the UI colors, not sure what corresponds to the tranq rifle though. Also within the multiple colorblind presets there is definitely one that looks like what you describe. Rendering animals bright pink etc. You should look deeper into the settings, I'm pretty sure you'll find enough customization to fix your issue.

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Certainly not least with all the stuff floating in the air in


post-Narmer Vallis

that just happens to be the same color as the Tranq Rifle UI colors ... yes, please give us a general way to customize this.

Also, while we're at it, can we have something akin to how the mining tools change pitch etc as you aim more towards mining spots?

Plus make all tranq-able animals actually get highlighted and show up on the radar, I know Velocipods at least are excempt for some reason.

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