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Visual Effects Intensity Booster Option

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Mad King Dragon GIF by XboxHave been wondering this for quite a while. But the Intro Trailer of Warframe has some things that look 6x more intense when it comes to the visuals... 


Is it a possibilty to add an extra layer of Visual effects as additional option?


Since looking at that excalibur Exalted Blade ground slam made me quite curious to see it irl action too 🔥🥷


Space Ninja's going litty af there!

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1 hour ago, _SYNTHDEMON_ said:

Is it a possibilty to add an extra layer of Visual effects as additional option?

Many of the nice visual effects you like on these trailers are non-real time CGI. Meaning they require a lot of computing and time in order to complete them. They obviously look better than what you usually get in game because they don't have to be rendered in real time in a game engine. At some point algorithms & technologies of that matter become a lot more efficient and enter the domain of real-time rendering. Taking the example of the clip you put in your comment, a render like that even with the best gaming CPUs to date would be probably not reaching 20 FPS while rendering and very likely even less especially with the amount of smoke and light reflection.

So to say, that they improve their engine when new techs arrive in game engines and they can use them in Warframe without letting some platforms falling down. And even as an option it often implies some core techs in the engine has to be reviewed for little gain especially if not the majority of the players can use it anyway.

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