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Please remove thrax legates from the spawn pool


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3 hours ago, NovaLP said:

I have to say tho i encountered them bugging out when duviri released but after a few hotfixes ago, I never encountered that problem again.

Could be a few things, but the main culprit was Silence.  Before it was hotfixed, it bugged them out regularly.  Often permanently, which would cause a forced abort in Defense and Extermination.

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15 hours ago, Unimira said:

We should be able to stop the beam attack by attacking the ghosts in operator but this feature was probably left half-finished and/or forgotten, only works when hosting (I think) and it doesn't damage or bring back the main body any faster. May as well just wait it out behind cover...

Nailed it.
It doesn't work unless you're host. There's a minor difference in time if the host has destroyed all the Legatus clones (on the scale of milliseconds) and that's only if they're destroyed fast.

Unfortunately, even as host the Legatus issue is not solved. There should be some form of windup before they even switch into their invulnerable form - akin to how they rise up to shoot their Aeolak from on high after they've already performed their magnetic disco. Realistically I think it would make more sense to have their original body remain visible but intangible and the clones are destroyed by shooting the original body as your operator. Still requires play around the issue but corrects for the over-punishing that players suffer.

Centurions still pose a huge threat in both Circuit and in the base game, but theirs is predicated on dealing a lot of damage in a very short period of time. It's nice that DE decided to nerf the magnetic status against Tenno due to the previous issues surrounding the Thrax, however it's both baffling and completely silly that status cleanses such as Rolling Guard and Firewalker do not cleanse the magnetic UI interference.

As has been stated by many in this thread alone, the issue is not being nuked by the Legatus - it's the extremely limited (or in client's cases solely limited) counterplay around it. You either have status immunity out of the gate or you dodge the beams that just love to follow apparently nonlinear paths - up to and including hitting Tenno across a large room or tileset.

I like that DE wants to bring in some form of challenge to the players other than simply damage sponges or glass cannons - I absolutely abhor that any counterplay methods are either half-cooked or entirely useless depending on your situation.

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On 2023-06-06 at 6:43 PM, Mr.Holyroller said:

1) You can use arcane nullifier to circumvent it completely

I am fairly sure status immunity does not stop your UI from getting b0rked.

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