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Another (new?) Host Migration bug


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So in this scenatio I'm the host.

All is well, we are 4 rounds in and then suddenly I'm alone.

A friend of mine who i was playing with then commented, that he was alone too and that he lost all his decrees.

Happened 2 times to me in the last 2 hours.

Another strange thing that happened today , sometimes I can only shoot certain enemies while others seem immune to all damage.

My friend confirmed that he encountered that issue as well in a random squad today.

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Yes have been seeing the "invulnerable" enemies a bit yesterday, but we just leave them and come back and then they die horribly :)  Also had that weird host migration, 3 of us yesterday and the Host didnt leave (we were all in discord), all of a sudden got "Host Migration" and all of us are solo :() lucky we all finished out and got the rewards ... oh yeah thanks for the 5000 credits again DE .. 1400 point for 5000 creds is just so awesome makes me want to keep playing.. NOT!

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