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Please make incarnon a GENERAL adapter and save circuit!!


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This week brought to light what the next few weeks/months will be like. If weapons are on a six week repeating cycle as stated then we have the same weapons to look forward to for the next foreseeable future. So far I already don't want or need to do circuit this week because all these weapons only have ONE form, I already picked the two I wanted last week. Most of the other weeks have multiple mk-1 or prime etc.

The problem is if you want all the incarnons for bo ( mk1, prime, regular etc etc ) then you have to wait MONTHS to get all the adapters. This could be a fun waiting game! But if new incarnons come out? You are stuck waiting even longer. Either a drop down menu system will need to be put in place ( if ALL weapons are available for incarnon - not saying they are or will or should be then that is A LONG TIME to wait for your ONE weapon to roll around ) OR we could very nicely ask that instead of picking our two weapons each week we just have a GENERIC adapter for incarnon. 


What would this look like? In the rewards menu at tier 5 and 10 we would just have an "incarnon adapter". You get that reward. Take it to Cavalero. He checks that you own a weapon and have an adapter and that the weapon has an incarnon available. ( Assuming he already does this in his programming :/ ). The end. You do circuit you get adapters. No waiting 6+ months to get a full bo incarnon set. No running for weapons you really don't want or like or won't even bother to change into incarnons. Yes it would still be important for an announcement of "hey new incarnons here" for when there are new weapons available but that could be a simple form update post or login email..


What this avoids: people getting kicked from squad because they didn't pick their rewards yet. People not wanting to do circuit because their weapon isn't on the list for the week. Waiting months to hope and get another incarnon of the same weapon for a variant. The migraine that could be waiting years to have circuit finally roll back around to the weapon you wanted. ( Literally think about all the weapons that COULD be incarnon and then if you do the math... well. it doesn't look great ).


What else could be improved? Take OUT 5k credits or make it worth HOURS that it takes to get that "extra reward" because right now that's a solid kick in the teeth ( having gotten it 2/3 times I attempted an extra reward has taught me that playing -more- is not worth it ). Please replace the flowers and other small rewards with something worthy of SP =( maybe a captura scenes since those are HUNDREDS of flowers or rocks or scales etc :/ Playing SP circuit is a weekly chore at this point and the rewards are not adding up to the amount of time needed to get them. The endo would be nice if it was more than literally going into a regular mission and killing a few choice bad guys... :(


Anyhow I love duviri it has brought back a fresh breath of air to the game but it's quickly becoming stale, having to do what feels like chores all week to get a "reward" that goes unused in my arsenal... Or if we can't have generic ones maybe make them tradable. 

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