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Incarnon GENESIS information if already owned of installed in SP CIRCUIT daily choice


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Hi !

The "bug" of having the same Incarnon Genesis choice this week showed us  that , again , DE is making grind utterly unclear ....there is no indication on SP CIRCUIT selection if you already own à GENESIS or have a weapon with a GENESIS on it .

Just like Arcanes number being badly displayed in shops ....( they should show how many arcanes of a type you own , not how many arcanes ( without indication of rank)  you own .

Warframe is full of bad menu and information designs , it force us to have litteraly excel or a paper to track down things up because they just don't bother make them clear in game .....

It makes me wonder if they really do grind their game , of just because they play with all contents accounts they don't care or don't see the problem ....

Just play your game like a normal gamer DE ! 

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