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Another Hydroid Rework suggestion.


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Just throwing some more ideas/concepts at the wall for a Hydroid rework that aims to bring him up to speed with Warframes current gameplay flow and to make him an actually viable choice against other Warframes. 


Old Passive - 50% chance for a slam attack to create a tentacle. 

New Passive - Enemies affected by Hydroids abilities suffer a new ten second status-ailment exclusive to him, known as "Drenched". Enemies affected by the Drench ailment will take an extra 75% damage from all sources. If you are using Hydroid himself, this bonus increases to 100%. Using Hydroids abilities on enemies refreshes the status ailment timer.


Old First Ability: Tempest Barrage - Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught.

Reworked First Ability: "Tempest Barrage" - Charge mechanic removed, the ability will have max duration base duration on the initial cast. Ability now creates an area of continuous rain instead of single projectiles that explode. Enemies entering the ability AOE will have their movement slowed by at base 35%, and the rain will be corrosive (not the status effect) which means it will slowly deplete enemy health. Ability is affected by range, duration and strength mods.


Old Second Ability: Tidal Surge - Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water. 

Reworked Second Ability: "Riptide" - Ability no longer takes Hydroid with it, but instead Hydroid sends out a wave in a cone that increases in width the further out it goes. The wave also leaves behind an Undertow trail that enemies can fall into and the puddle can be shot to apply procs and increases the scaling drowning damage. Enemies caught in the initial wave will also automatically be dragged underneath into the Undertow trap and will remain there until the ability timer expires or you kill them. The wave is affected by range mods and the Undertow trail is affected by duration mods.


Old Third Ability: Undertow - Become a water trap and drown unsuspecting enemies. (Undertow will be reworked into Riptide as its second function and will no longer be Hydroid's third ability.)

New Third Ability: "Ocean's Blessing" - Hydroid will turn into a water form of himself, granting him 90% damage reduction and make himself immune to status procs. While this ability is active, it also siphons health from killing "Drenched" enemies, with the amount of health gained being increased by strength mods. For the sake of balance, the ability will be a drain and the 90% damage reduction will steadily decrease if Hydroid is not using his abilities to consistently apply the "Drench" status effect to enemies.


Old Fourth Ability: Tentacle Swarm - Tap to spawn watery tentacles from all nearby surfaces to wreak havoc. Charge to increase the number of tentacles and spawn area. Use while in Undertow to have the tentacles emerge from the pool.

Reworked Fourth Ability: "Kraken's Fury" Charge mechanic removed. Upon casting the ability Hydroid summons five large tentacles in a circle around him that follow him around. Whilst this ability is active, Hydroid gains increased movement speed and melee attack speed. The tentacles also become an exalted melee weapon, making use of wide swipes that cover a lot of ground, do True Damage and they receive a very hefty damage bonus of 500% against enemies affected by the "Drenched" status ailment, which increases with the combo counter. For the sake of balance this ability will have a twenty five second cooldown. The strength of the speed bonuses and duration can be affected by mods, but the damage of the tentacles cannot as they are already pretty strong with the new bonus damage and stacked passive damage.

So yea, another rework suggestion thrown at the wall to see what sticks. Let me know what you guys think. I mainly post these reworks for fun by this point since I've basically given up on DE ever actually doing something about Hydroid and his awful state.

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Too many overpowered effects in the abilities with to much forced synergies.


The passive.

A "drench" Status ailment is nonsense as passive. some frames have already such an effect sevagoth, Garuda, Nova, yareli. The call it marked and it is an effect of one ability. Not all. Seriously overpowered. Sorry, but that is a no go. choose one ability but not all.


Tempest barrage and riptide.

I like yarelis riptide more, but ok names can change.

First question:your tempest barrage ist a slowing rain. So it simulates an underwater drowning effect. I think that is more of an mermaid ability than a pirate one. Yareli will be happy about it, but I don't think it suits hydroid.

second more important question: if I can completely stop enemies through your riptides undertow, why should I slow them through your tempest barrage?

Your riptide is at the end a limbo rift mechanic. Do you need slow on limbo?


Ocean blessing:

A90% DMG reduction ability, immune to status procs and lifesteal in one ability.... Your drench Status is really too versatile and overpowered.

A Water body has in my opinion not a DMG reduction but dodge ability like xaku or baruuks 1. ability elude.



Lol, Are you seroius?? a weapon with a true DMG stat. That will be the first in the whole game.

You know that through your passive you always drench enemies, so you don't need your other abilities to drench enemies to get your pointless 500% buff.

oh and exalted melee weapons normally don't work with the combo counter.


You only wanted to make him op. Sorry but these ideas are boring to play.

Ocean blessing active, kraken active, You don't need more for a barruk with gloom.






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46 minutes ago, (PSN)Svenx13 said:

A90% DMG reduction ability, immune to status procs and lifesteal in one ability.... Your drench Status is really too versatile and overpowered.

A Water body has in my opinion not a DMG reduction but dodge ability like xaku or baruuks 1. ability elude.

I do like the idea of giving Hydroid survivability where you're not just a puddle, but I agree that though water form is a cool idea, does not sound like damage reduction. Something like Zephyr's turbulence would fit it more where she completely deflects bullets or in hydroid's case, bullets pass through him, but melee and aoe explosions can still hit him.

perhaps for Tempest barrage just turn it into a actual armor strip ability like terrify, tharros strike, etc?

the rest sound kinda neat though

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Posted (edited)
On 2023-06-10 at 2:02 PM, (PSN)Svenx13 said:


Ty for the feedback. I concede I overlooked the potential for the passive to be OP, but that's an easy fix; move the "drench" effect to his first ability and make a new passive, like perhaps Hydroid gains a capped increase of 30% power strength when killing drenched enemies with his abilities.

As for your critique about the them of slow rain, I do not agree with you on the notion that slowing rain is akin to drowning. That is not what I had in mind when thinking about it. In my mind the reason why the rain slows enemies is because during intense rainstorms IRL, people generally move slower due to not being able to see properly and because heavy rainstorms are also accompanied by wind which further hinders normal movement. Yes wind is more Zephyr's territory, but pirates encountered storms at sea as well so it still fits. If you look at any and all fiction where a ship encounters heavy rainstorms in the ocean, people exposed to it are never moving around like normal, they are struggling to keep their footing and moving much slower.

Like I said I would move the drenched effect to this ability alone, in order to give it a better purpose.

Ocean's blessing is perhaps a little over-powered but if we move the drench affect to one ability, it wouldn't be. Plus it would also still be a draining ability and the DR would decay if drenched enemies are not killed. Plus only drenched enemies siphon health as well. I agree though that a Baruuk-style evasion mechanic would be more appropriate for a water form, however I have yet to think of a way to implement it in a way that is not a blatant copy of Baruuk's ability, or just completely broken. It's why thought of DR first, since in my mind the damage Hydroid suffers in his water form drains the amount of moisture he uses to maintain it and thus he would need to kill drenched enemies to maintain it. It's the only way I can of to maintain balance right now. If you have any ideas on how to make an evasion form for Hydroid balanced and not a copy of Baruuk's, I'd be happy to hear it.

As for your feedback on Kraken's Fury, its valid. But since we've moved the "Drenched" status to Tempest Barrage only, that reduces the problems with it. So you'd still need to use other abilities to drench enemies therefore not making it so that you can just run through the mission using nothing but KF. Like I said, I also put a 25 second cooldown on the ultimate because it would be OP otherwise. Yes exalted melee's don't usually work with the combo counter, but considering that the ability has a limiter on it, I think you could get away with it. Plus exalted melee's have kind of fallen by the wayside in comparison to normal melee's specifically because they cannot use the combo counter.

My aim isn't to make Hydroid over-powered, but bring him up to the level of other top-tier frames who are all already incredibly powerful in their own right. And as for your opinion on my suggestions would make Hydroid boring to play, I will say that it would make him at least more interesting to play than the state he currently is now, because Hydroid is certainly not an entertaining frame to run in his current state. You've provided good feedback which would make the rework more interesting certainly, but I definitely do not agree its just as boring as his current state at all.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb TheGodofWiFi:


Don't take it to heart if I write it is boring. I wanted to pull your leg because you are using the word boring quite often. The cause why I think it is boring, because it nothing new only a bunch of overpowered effects badly scrambled together.

But then again hydroid is in my opinion a pirate Captain and a captain never works himself. He commands. So an exalted melee mode in a strange sevagoth/ baruuk combination is not my taste. The pirate age was about sabres and flintlock guns. So an exalted flintlock pistol with latron incarnon/ Trumna alt fire mode, together with an extra resource pool for his ammunition is more my thing.

(cannonball massacre). Alternatively we summon the kraken, but he has no tentacles, but is carrying some ship cannons on his head and then voidrig artillery destruction 


oceans blessing: We have 10 frames with different 90% damage reduction, but none of them works with toggle over time. (Baruuk,Nova ,citrine,ember gara Garuda Gauss Mesa nezha yareli)

I think a scaling dodge ability is quite easy to create. We take xakus dodge ability, scale it and cap it with charges (baruuk, Nova), a resource pool(ember, citrine, Gauss) or  only time (Mesa, gara). You can choose what you want.

Oh and a no to status immunity and life steal. that is still op.


You still have not answered my question why do I need riptide if tempest barrage has a slow effect?

Why a cool down for KF if you can combine it with an extra resource pool like baruuks desert wind?


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