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Once Intrinsics are maxed, The Duviri Experience loses its best carrot


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I love The Duviri Experience.  It's clear to me why this is the way that Duviri is meant to be played, because in this mode it's so different than the rest of Warframe,  I love how it's this asynchronous, unfocused multiplayer session where everyone does whatever they want for however long they want, and everyone shares the rewards from what everyone else is doing.  It's a joy to experience Duviri and Warframe in this manner.

In contrast, The Lone Story feels more like typical Warframe.  It's Duviri so it's still different than other missions, but the linear flow from objective to objective makes the structure and pace feel like the other open worlds.  There's a "get in, get out" mentality.  I'm sure some people enjoy this, and I respect that!  But I vastly prefer The Duviri Experience.

Unfortunately, once I maxed my Intrinsics, all of the side activities that comprise the bulk of The Duviri Experience lost the majority of their rewards, as I no longer get Intrinsics from them.  And for me that's a bummer, because it means spending the time to engage with The Duviri Experience no longer gets me closer to my goals.  And thus I find myself pulled in the direction of The Lone Story, as at present it's the only remotely efficient way to farm Duviri's evergreen resource, Pathos Clamps.

I would like for there to still be an incentive to play The Duviri Experience once Intrinsics are maxed, so here's my feedback/request: once players max their Intrinsics, I wish there were some replacement reward that Duviri side activites provided.

Personally, my suggestion would be to have every side activity give a single Pathos Clamp; I think that would be enough of an incentive to keep The Duviri Experience relevant (due to the weekly/daily evergreen rewards in Acrithis' shop) and allow players to pick between The Lone Story and The Duviri Experience depending on which experience is more to their taste.

Thanks for the great work, and thanks for considering my feedback!

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Those things keep spawning and piling up.  You could earn 50-60+ pathos clamps an hour if they did this(perhaps way more), which is at least double.  They really just want you to slog through the boss.

It would be nice to keep the decrees and requeue the oro fight, going thru 6 stages again and at least dealing with the boss mechanics. 

It would be nice to receive something in place of intrinsics.

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Well, they could allow to stockpile intrinsics as a currency. Then you could be able to trade them for content-related stuff, like Pathos Clamps. This way, to avoid the issue highlighted by @Lord_Drod, they could play around the ratio. For example, 15 intrinsics could buy a Pathos clamp. It would hardly be broken if balanced correctly.

This system could even be expanded to Railjack's intrinsics, if there are still some people playing that mode

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1 hour ago, Zakkhar said:

You wiill still need the Duviri Experience in order to farm the mats from Maw Feeding (unlike other mats it is unavailable in Lone Story).

I wish you could do this solo in lone story.  It's so much nicer farming resources without mobs every 5 feet.

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18 minutes ago, Zakkhar said:

You can do this solo in Duviri (no need to do objectives).

I mean I want to gather all the mats then fight the boss and gathering mats in the experience has tons of mobs, but lone story has no fishing.  Basically fishing still has value as a side objective.

I just want to farm everything at once in the same playlist.  Loading into duviri is a hassle since there's two loading areas.

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It's yet another big pretty decoration with not much gameplay content - sadly, as usual for DE.  And it even feels more barebones than other open worlds because of few side activities and no incentive for anything. Yes, there are all these little chests and shrines and mobs to fight - but they are meaningless giving only 3 intrinsics - barely worth your time over just quickly doing Wyrm (which gives 15/22 + clamps). And once you are dont maxing intrinsics  - yeah, there is nothing left. You cant spend reputation to buy stuff like with other syndicates.

Owl puzzles grind? come on, only minority of people want to do puzzles in WF (see how 99,9% of players cant even do Lua spy) and its such a waste of time for nothing (you better off buying parts for a bit of plat which you can easily earn in ~20 min instead of farming puzzles for hours). And most people who farm them will just use guides to save time. How doese DE not realize this, it was a waste of dev time too.

Mat farming is just looking up in wiki where and shooting plants - yawn.

You could've done so much more even with exact same resources and mechanics, have side quests which use same enemies and tasks, have something meaningful to be worth exploring the world. But its just like Fortuna OrbValis - impressive locations that were designed with some story in mind but have absolutely no gameplay, no reason to visit them and play. NOT even material farm from mobs or hunting (conservation)! Duviri is a downgrade from older worlds in that regard. 

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