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Some Ideas for Nekros Rework


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Nekros has been quite a long warframe that has appeared in the game, he has solid ability for farming, defense and such, but newer frame have much more smoother ability, making him kinda clunky in term of warframe gameplay, his warframe focuses around being a reaper yet. its treated as a zombie like frame, where he desecrated parts of enemies and revive them back. So... I have some idea maybe can be used to rework nekros and such.
THIS IS ALL IS just MY OPINION AND SUGGESTIONS, any type of idea is good.

Passive : Enemies Killed by Nekros or his Shadows(Assisted) will reap the soul power out of the enemy, Nekros will gain their soul (Eximus : 2, Elites : 1, Normal : 1 every 10 enemies)

Soul Guard Every 100 soul will increase both Nekros and his Shadows (x) armor and (x) health (Making Corpus shield kinda meh, but their health is good)

1st Skill Soul Mark : Sends a wave of enslaved soul from Nekros they seek the enemy and haunts them until their duration runs out
Marked target will take small increase (x%) damage/ (x%) Armor Strip and has a small chance to terrify nearby enemies when attacking, upon dying these enemy will multiply the soul they drop by (x%) (Idea : Psychic Bolt from Nyx)


2nd Skill Soul link : Marks an enemy as an Anchor, The Anchor will Link to nearby enemies sharing the status/armor stripping they take, upon getting lower than x% Shield/ Overguard will immediately destroy the overguard, and falling upon (x%) health will have a small chance to instantly kill them multiplying the souls they have.(Idea : Link from Trinity, Ensnare from Khora, Fangs of Raksh from Voruna)


3rd Skill Desecrate : Keep his normal loot skill, but with an (x%) chance to desecrate the souls of enemies allowing him to siphon the energy. (Idea : Aquablades from Yareli)

Soul Mark will floats around the aura instead of chasing the enemies, and will bounce to each different enemy upon dying.


4th Skill Soul Contract : Press the button to place a Soul Contract on enemies max (x) number of enemies upon dying will revive as a Shadow for Nekros, They cant die Instead when dying will swallow (x) soul from nekros, resets their lvl equal to the killer and stuns them in place, while stunned get invul dmg and after reviving the dmg will turn to (x%) of health. Their damage value and stats will have the same as the same normal nekros. (Idea : Iron Skin from Rhino, Blazing Ward from Nezha)

Holding the button will consume the soul from nekros, enhancing their (x%) damage and (x%) accuracy and resets their current ability for x% duration. (Idea: Penance from Harrow)


I dont really now the stats on how warframe works, but i hope these suggestion or idea can be used to build maybe new warframe or place a rework on nekros, making him not just a loot frame but an active frame with the skill synergies from his skill, I apologize if there's some nonsense written in the skill because this is all just an idea, I hope you guys have a great day.

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But you'd be effectively changing Nekros to a frame he is not with this, as he isn't a "reaper" but a necromancer, and can do more than just "loot", even if that's what he's mainly known for. It's like saying Rhino only roars or that Mesa only uses her Peacemakers - which she sort does.

Soul punch may be not as good or more like, as direct to use as the other three abilities, but it has its own use and it's good as a "targeted" Shadow creator, even though a bit complicated to use in the heat of battle. Terrify is a great CC tool with armour strip which is even better with its augment. Desecrate, well, we all know it.
And Shadows of the Dead provide a CC, damage mitigation, and DPS capability, plus more if you have eximus as your shadows. All his abilities work in conjunction with each other.

So not exactly sure why do you want to change Nekros to something like Sevagoth.

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