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Ideas For Stalker Prime


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Idea 1. global event "stalkers wrath".

In this the stalker has become so furious with the tenno over the millions that they have slaughtered and has scoured the void for the technology that created the first warframe armour. After countless years of searching he finds such a machine (the forge) and makes a prime frame and a set of primed weapons identical to he's own.

With in this frame he lets his anger grow until it consumes, until revenge is the only thing on his mind.

While in this state he is faster, has more health and shields, a larger energy pool, higher armour, and his weapons deal more damage (optional he is blinded with hate and will only attack tenno even in stealth) also his pop-up rate after killing a boss is increased.

The rewards for driving him back are (high->low) rare mods, vault/nightmare mods, his original weapons, his primed weapons and after X kills you gain assess to the forge and can choose any previously existing prime frame or a set of primed weapons (both come automatically super charged).


P.S. This can be reused when more prime frames come out.


Idea 2. void stalker

if the stalker attacks you in the void (not OD missions) he will have a prime frame (weapons included) with him and will be faster, have more health and shields, a larger energy pool, higher armour, and his will weapons deal more damage and will drop his original weapons, his primed weapons or BPs of any existing prime frame


this will need updating when more primes come out.


Idea 3. 2nd lvl stalker

after X kills (more than 4) the stalker will appear as normal but in his prime frame (same) with the same upgrades and rewards as Idea 2.

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