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Archon Boreal's Overguard immune to all damage.


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When Boreal throws his Overguard up and starts pushing you back with his screeching blue dome move, you can't do damage to him when inside of it whether you're in operator form or not. You have to wait out the entirety of the move before you can do damage again.


Don't know if weapons matter, but I was using Kuva Hek, Tenet Cycron, Stropha, Klamora Prism, and Propa Scaffold. Nothing did damage until he finished his move, so there was a lot of standing around twiddling my thumbs.

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Just came into forums to check if it happened to anyone else and can confirm that happens. Got him eventually after two cycles of overguard and summons but if this might happen with other archons that could be even worse.

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+1 happening to me too. 

Platform: PC

Frame: Revenant (prime if it matters) 

Weapons: kuva hek, pyrana prime, gram prime, later bramma laetum

Pets: Shade, later every type of Kavat


Spent like an hour trying to fix it, including:


Change frame

Change pet

Change guns

Shoot every spot I can think of pointblank

Shoot from outside

Friends only


And also boreal was bouncing my mesmered up revenant like it was gokarts, I was sliding around like an arson eximus wave hit me. 


Both the bug and the sliding around stopped when I (as host, by the way which made this even more perplexing cause youd think its a me issue, but suddenly I host for 3 others and we're fine?) eventually tried pubs and I completed 3 runs without any CC going through mesmer or any scream phase issues. 


Edit: The bug doesnt go away though, it just works for me in pubs. If I go back to try any non public way, it never works. No matter how many times I abort and redo, which scream or which phase. 



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I never want to see another nagative bug again as he's been immune to all attacks. Every time I tried to interrupt the Boreal Archon's screams, it keeps sickening me with their stupi immunization! Well don, for destroying the game I love. I'm tired of this useless bugs. Update always cause bugs. Cheer! This i unacceptable!

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I was in a situation where Archon Boreal was using different means of immunity, almost back-to-back.

Different than usual:
-He was using his scream shield very frequently, and I couldn't interrupt it with any means.
-I was familiar with the part where he would summon adds which need to be defeated before the fight could continue, BUT that stage repeatedly occurred (at least 4 times) while the boss was at 50% health. I could swear they were previously only summoned when the boss loses 25% health.

I've fought Archon Boreal before, and have never seen these issues. I wouldn't be shocked if it's due to Overguard changes, like other folks suggested.

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I can't believe it's been days and they still haven't fixed this bug. It's literally impossible to finish the archon hunt at the moment due to this bug. Hope they fix it before weekend hits or at least distribute the related rewards by the end of the week as compensation otherwise, well done DE, way to waste your customers' time (I literally spent hours trying to clear the last mission thinking i was doing something wrong).

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I just had a similar issue. I was using ivara since its much easier to not get immediately ganked by everything. Took out half its health the with Kuva hek. But, when I got to the second phase for the third fricken time! He seems to be immune to all damage. I wait for his stupid blue scream phase and his health bar is no longer invulnerable. Shotgun to the face, there is damage numbers but, his health does not go down. Then he spawns those sentients you have to destroy. I do that same thing no damage then immediately into the next phase where you have to shoot those triangle thingies and again no damage once I shoot him "POINT BLANK IN THE FACE!". Again damage numbers appear but, no actual damage to his health bar. This is beyond stupid. You can only get 1 maybe 2 shards per week if you have enough to get it from the drifters camp and you can't finish it...This is completly unacceptable.

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Just finished Archon Mira and yes she also has this overguard invincibility, used operator amp/abilities but no damage. Seems like the bullet just pass through them similar to Archon Boreal, though Archon Amar from my hunt does not have this invincibilty bug. And also no i dont do one shot archon thingy.

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