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The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix 33.5.6


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On 2023-07-28 at 9:13 PM, GhostFeng said:

Spoken like a very good little hamster. And as expected for good little hamsters, you are completely missing the point. We don’t care that DE has notated their incompetence with instructions on how to complete the extra requirements that they’ve added on everyone at the worst possible time, and without warning. We are glad that you enjoy completing every new obstacle, hurdle, hoop, roadblock, and waste of time that DE chooses to force on you. You’re a good little hamster. The rest of us however do not enjoy such meaningless, annoying, irritating, and bothersome wastes of our time and have MANY better things to do with our time than jump through whatever frivolous hoops DE whims to impose on it’s players, while being expected to jump at the very second that DE says to jump. Hence why the population in this game has crashed harder than your hamster wheel’s resale value.
BTW, I happened upon a diary that had “iPathos’s Good Little Hamster Diary” written on the cover and I found your daily schedule written inside. I’m sorry but I felt that it should be shared with everyone here:

Every Good Little Hamster’s Daily Checklist

  • Wake up to bowl of fresh hamster flakes
  • Grease hamster wheel bearings
  • Login to Warframe 1 hour early to complete any unexpected extra chores added by DE
  • Continue to complete normal daily chores once extra requirements to unlock are finished
  • Take a break from WF chores, sip some hamster juice while reading forum complaints
  • Finish daily WF chores
  • Clean hamster wheel
  • Defend DE’s incompetence on furums (for hamsters) against people complaining
  • Pet myself, I’m a good little hamster
  • Find any money I have left and throw it at DE so they can do more incompetent things, force more wastes of time down my throat, and give me more reasons that I need to defend them
  • Check for any WF updates so I might have the chance to do more chores for DE before bed
  • Dream of another great day of being a good little hamster for DE

Ok, wow. This has to be the most bizarrely out-of-touch response I've received in a long while.

You're trying to tell me that you think DE did this in an attempt to sabotage players? To cause them undue stress and hardship? Yet again you're making huge claims without any information to back them. A quick search of at least the Steam Charts clearly shows repeating fluctuations in the player count, with the current average of 44k being about the expected amount. We'll see a decently large uptick of players during TennoCon and afterward for a short while, then it'll ease off again as it always does.

It makes me chuckle though, that you can suffer from such dissonance and then confidently post about it for everyone to see.

Apparently, some of us are just a little more capable of critical thinking than others - unfortunately, that shows.

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