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NSW The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix #6

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NSW The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix #6

Small hotfix to address the following priority issues.


  • Fixed being unable to trade Arcanes due to them appearing as Mods in the trading UI. 
  • Fixed The Duviri Experience node not registering as complete after finishing The Duviri Paradox Quest, which was preventing the other Duviri nodes (Circuit and Lone Story) from being marked correctly. This led to the Steel Path not unlocking or completing for most players (since the intended flow of needing the normal nodes completed first was not being fulfilled). 
    • Since the other nodes were not registering as complete due to the above issue, in order to unlock Duviri on The Steel Path now, you may need to replay and complete The Circuit (complete at least one stage) and Lone Story (complete all stages, including defeating the Orowyrm) on their normal difficulty. A UI pop-up will occur to generally indicate if any of the normal nodes needs to be completed before The Steel Path can be unlocked for Duviri. An additional change that specifies exactly which node will be coming in the next update.

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