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Corpus City Explorafun: Feedback, Suggestion, Glitch Report

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Obligatory Explorafun thread on the new tile. Mainly for glitch reports, but you can share your thoughts/suggestion if you feel so inclined. Please follow my numeration system if you're going to share a glitch or suggestion (make sure however it's clear that you are making a suggestion if it's one). "TBF" means To Be Fixed, "TBC" means To Be Considered. An outdated acronym I use every so often is "...!" when I don't know how to describe it (usually something I liked and wanted to mention).


General Feedback:  I think the tileset is stunning, in summary. I really like how sleek it's looking, I love feasting my eyes on the beautiful skybox, the new assets that were added are also really cool. The functioning system to collect the gaz are great to show that the place has a live of its own, and isn't just a shooting-range in a Space Ninja game. The attention to details is great and the treasure rooms are abundant (even if the drops in those are a bit lackluster). My favorite tileset so far, by far. The only way my old favorite (the Corpus Outpost) could beat it is with a rad rework, like you did with the Corpus Ship.


However, the only issue I'm having with the tile is, the inside part of the stations looks nearly the same as the reworked Corpus Ship. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoy it when I can look around and see little cues of where I'm located, and now these two tilesets are looking pretty similar. Anyway, that may just be me. 10/10 on the new tilesets.


I want to go ahead and shares some tiles I really like, with a short reasoning as to why. ("They are pretty" can be added to every one of them)


1385231185-a-nice-tile-1.jpg            This one I like because it's very open and bright, but at the same times has a lot of different level, giving some tactical options when needed (at that enemy level, that's not needed often). 1385231180-a-nice-tile-2.jpg            Reasoning is very similar to above, plus I like the shiny energy beams. These tiles are great because while there's a lot of different levels and movement option, it's not as confusing as what we can see sometimes in the Grineer Asteroid. 1385231182-a-nice-tile-3.jpg            Awesome tile, because it's big and contain quite a lot. The moving carts above and below really give a live to the tileset IMO. The only thing that could make it cooler is some electricity arcing in between the tower at the top, if that fits your plan for the room. 1385231189-a-nice-tile.jpg            Pretty much all the extraction tiles are awesome in their own right, but I want this one as a living room.



Now, for the glitch reports. I found little at first, but I scratched a bit and found a couple for your viewing pleasure. 



#1 TBF: Weird shadows.


1385231186-light-glitch-weird-shadows-co            Can confirm that it's only on this ramp, but also on the other side of this ramp (IE the other ramps I checked were fine).



#2 TBF: Clipping camera.


1385231180-props-glitch-camera-clip-corp            Speaks for itself.



#3 TBF: Fake mod drop.


1385231190-props-glitch-false-mod-drop-c            Don't know what's the deal, but there was "mods" that dropped from the containers in this room, but said mods neither gave a mod nor did it leave particles behind to shows that the other players didn't take the mods. I think new Ruk has a similar issue.



#4 TBF: Clipping fire.


1385231189-props-glitch-fire-clip-corpus            Speaks for itself. I think the patch of fire is even floating slightly above the ground, you can see the bottom of the crate below said patch.



#5 TBF: Clipping fire.


1385231200-props-glitch-fire-clip-1-corp            Speaks for itself.



#6 TBF: Clipping fire.


1385231193-props-glitch-fire-clip-2-corp            Speaks for itself.



#7 TBF: Mis-aligned energy stream.


1385231199-props-glitch-mis-alignement-c            Pretty sure it's a problem with how the stream is made, since it's this way regardless of the stream you watch or the angle at which you look at it.



#8 TBF: Waypoint calibration.


1385231201-system-design-waypoint-calibr            Sorry for the action shot, I grabbed it before I forget mid sprint for the extraction. See, there's two elevators in this room and the waypoints are invariably placed on one of the elevators when you need to go up. that means that even though you're on the right tracks, the waypoint system will tell you you need to get off the elevator and climbs in the other one to get your destination. That can get confusing.



#9 TBF: Mob trap.


1385231199-terrain-design-mob-trap-corpu            The larger MOAs can't pass there, blocking everyone behind them, even though there is ample room to pass on the other side. It's great for multikills, but it showcases the AI's limitation an awful lot. From what I've seen, the problem is pretty common.



#10 TBC: Elevator mechanic suggestion.


1385231204-terrain-design-reversed-eleva               I was pleased to see that there are more elevators now. However, you can still end up with both elevators at the wrong level pretty easily, so I thought it would be nice if they were both connected to the same button but switched place when activated (one goes up and one goes down). I know some people could annoy other players by calling the elevator prematurely, but I think it's worth it over all (not everyone is a jerk).



#11 TBF: False vertical cover flag.


1385231209-terrain-glitch-false-vertical            I've seen one Crewman take cover behind the stairs while standing up.



#12 TBF: False vertical cover flag 1.


1385231208-terrain-glitch-false-vertical            Speaks for itself. Pretty sure they do that at every corner, not just this one.



#13 TBF: False vertical cover flag 2.


1385231208-terrain-glitch-false-vertical            Same as above. Stairs really aren't great protection against bullets.



#14 TBF: Mob trap.


1385231215-terrain-glitch-mob-trap-corpu            Speaks for itself. No clue how he got there, and he was un-shootable for half of every second due to the spin.The fans didn't move him either, unfortunately (would've made a great video).



#15 TBF: Player trap. 


1385231216-terrain-glitch-player-trap-co            Speaks for itself. How he got there: He said he wallrunned on the wall where's he was stuck (beside the constructor), did a back flip and got trapped there. It may have had something to do with the bars that comes out of the constructor.



#16 TBF: Texture flickering (two instance).


1385231218-terrain-glitch-texture-flicke            Texture inside that vent/hole/thing was flickering to black. Different problem: I forgot to grab pictures, but in the same tile, there was some Corpus plates at the top (and bottom) of some two set of stairs that were flickering as well.



#17 TBF: Mis-aligned wall.


1385231219-terrain-glitch-wall-seams-cor            Speaks for itself. Located in the tile with two elevators in a corner (same as #10, I think). It's inside one of the elevator.



Have a great one. 

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Here’s a handful I found on my first run through this new tileset :).


#18 TBF: Sunken container + odd shadow?


Speaks for itself, though I’m not sure about the shadow thing as I only noticed it when editing the screenshot.

#19 TBF: Clipping camera


Speaks for itself

#20 TBF:  Door to nowhere?


This door opens to this:


Admittedly, I didn’t try stepping into the room anyway to see if it was just a rendering glitch.

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Hey Skree, long time no see. In this case, touring the tileset is really enjoyable I must say. You guys are getting better at this, and it shows. I haven't turned on DirectX 11, so I can't really speak about the performance, but from what I've seen it seems pretty smooth.


Thanks for the reports Slaskia. As for #20, I'd like to point out you can safely walk in there, even if it's confusing. I was planning to send it to support with an EE.log, but as a result of my repeated failures at remembering to actually copy the EE.log, I have discovered that this bug happens whenever a room spawns from this node. I'm 80% certain there's a problem with this door, and it happens with any rooms on the other side.


Couple more reports for the day:


#21 TBF: Weird shadows:


1385412841-light-glitch-weird-shadows-co            Speaks for itself. It seems to happen on both side of the tile, http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/48/1385412834-light-glitch-weird-shadows-1-corpus-city.jpg'>link to the other side for reference.



#22 TBF: Weird shadows.


1385412835-light-glitch-weird-shadows-2-            Speaks for itself. It appears to me that this corner is the only one with that problem. Exclusivity isn't always good.



#23 TBF: Clipping container.


1385412835-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Speaks for itself.



#24 TBF: Sinking Air supply.


1385412842-props-glitch-sinking-air-supp            I'm not sure if it's intended, but this air supply unit seems to sink deeper than other units.



#25 TBF: Sinking container.


1385412842-props-glitch-sinking-containe            Speaks for itself.



#26 TBC: Doom Cannon suggestion.


1385412843-props-suggestion-further-use-            Allow me to start by saying that I freaking love these cannons. Allow me to continue by pointing out the obvious that these cannons are shooting jack-all. I was discussing with my brother earlier, and we agreed that it would be awesome if they actually shot something, and we came up with the following idea: How about, a variant of the infestation that is a big &#! leviathan-sort of flyer (either indigenous to the planet or more present there), that can be seen circling the platform every so often that needs to be shot away?


Further more, how about when the infestation invades or controls the map, we can see said leviathans anchoring themselves at the platform and unloading infested by the truck full? Similar stuff could happen if the Grineer invades with a shuttle, but we thought more beasties for the infested would be great.


Anyway, food for thought for you guys.



#27 TBF: Invisible platform. 


1385412844-terrain-glitch-invisible-plat            Notice how my Frost floats on nothing. Can't remember how exactly I got there, but I did.



#28 TBF: Floating constructors (and #20 precisions).


1385412844-various-props-glitch-terrain-            The constructors in the back are floating, and do not seem to have a texture when seen from bellow.


Furthermore, I added a larger-than-normal map and arrow to point out the faulty door that Slaskia already pointed. Again, AFAIK, this door has a problem whenever a room spawn from it.



That about sums it up. Have fun, Skree and cie! 

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Got a couple more stuff.


#29 TBF: Weird shadows.


1385517658-light-glitch-weird-shadow-cor            Speaks for itself. I thought I noticed a couple more instances on more handrails, consider doing a cursory overview of the handrails in this location.



#30 TBF: Weird shadows 2.


1385517658-light-glitch-weird-shadow-1-c            The red squares are obvious instances: the orange one is however on the other side of the wall, there's a console there, whose stand is covered in unnatural shadow.



#31 TBF: Mob trap.


1385517656-terrain-design-mob-trap-corpu            The mobs have trouble fathoming the fact that this door can't be passed, and keep bumping into it. By all means, leave the door that way, I think it's kinda cool to have a Tenno-dedicated door for dynamic entries/exits.



#32 TBF: Texture flicker.


1385517657-terrain-glitch-texture-flicke            Between where Frost is and the Corpus corpse who is proving Freud was right, it's possible to see the highlighted wall's corner flicker, probably fighting with another texture. I haven't noticed the flickering from closer tho.

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Ever more reports.


#30 TBF: Clipping door.



           The door in the arrow clips through the floor above it, being painfully obvious when someone walks through it and you're upstairs.



#31 TBF: Clipping door 1.



           The door can be seen peeping through the wall.



#32 TBC: God darned fog and cameras.



           Do you see in the square the camera? Well, for having experienced it a couple of time first hand, it's really easy to miss when the fog is there. Honestly, I hate the fog effect when there is a fire hasard on the tile-set, and that is just a practical reason to get rid of it. I don't think I exagerate when I say it ruins the tile-set for me(one of my favorite, at that). So yeah, consider removing the fog or at least make the camera visible in this cluster.



#33 TBF: Misplaced container.



           Speaks for itself.



#34 TBF: Mob trap.



           No idea how the Crewman got trapped in there. The only explanation I can see is that he spawned in there.



#35 TBF: Stuff clipping with elevator ride.



           Pretty sure that whatever Nekros is standing on clips with the elevator as it moves up and down. There is more stuff like that on the other side.



#36 TBF: Crewman magic trick.



           Somehow the crewman passed through the bridge and fell where he currently is. Original position is highlighted by the circle. No clue how to replicate unfortunately.



#37 TBF: Wall seam.



           Speaks for itself. Located on the defense tile.



#38 TBF: Wall seam 1.



           Speaks for itself.

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It never stops, etc etc. 



#39 TBF: Clipping container.



           Speaks for itself.



#40 TBF: Clipping container 1.



           It's occurring to me that the mini-map isn't all that clear, hope you can find the culprit regardless. Do notice the mangled minimap that needs some touch up.



#41 TBF: Sunlight going through closed door.



           Speaks for itself. Located in the defense tile, if it wasn't clear.



#42 TBF: Texture/mesh issue.



           There's some sort of mesh or something that is oddly elevated, I don't know what's up with that but it looks weird. As if there was a clone of the correct mesh that tried to fly away or some such. Do notice, when working on this issue, that this kind of issue can be seen all around the highest level in the defense tile (the level holding the pod).



Not a report:



           What are those? Are the Corpus trying to breed Slender Crewmen to terrorize the solar system? What a nefarious plan. 



That's all for now, have a great one. 

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Everytime I multipost, I grow stronger. 


Err, I mean, more reports. 


#43 TBF: Clipping containers.



           Speaks for itself.

#44 TBF: Clipping containers 1.


           Speaks for itself. The orange square highlights a container that is having a really weird look. I don't know why it looks like way, tho I think it's because of distance? I saw it before, worth investigating.

#45 TBF: Clipping door.


           Lower part of the door frame clips with the wall. Visible on the other side of the door as well.

#46 TBF: Wall seam.


           Speaks for itself. Located in defense tile.

#47 TBF: Broken map (broken dreams).


           Speaks for itself.


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