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(NSW) Update 33.6: Echoes of Duviri

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Update 33.6: Echoes of Duviri

Echoes of Duviri is a Mainline Update!

Meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of The Seven Crimes of Kullervo is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks so we will be looking at reports here for any fixes and changes for follow-up Hotfixes to come. 

If any of the terms above are new to you, visit “The Warframe Lexicon for Updates” to learn more about Warframe’s development cycle. 

Please visit our "Known Issues" thread for an update on the top priority bugs and issues we are currently tracking.

The total download size for this update is: ~ 9.25 GB

Nintendo Switch Remaster: 
The large download size (~9.25 GB) for this update is due to the remastering of miscellaneous elements in the game, which will reduce the overall size of Warframe on Switch from ~23 GB down to ~17 GB once the Update has finished downloading. 

New Nintendo Switch TennoGen Bundles
The following TennoGen items are now available on Nintendo Switch! Featuring items created by our talented TennoGen artists from Rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13. Find them in the in-game Market. 

Tennogen Nintendo Switch Bundle XII

  • Chroma Thyrus Skin by Stenchfury    
  • Ivara Arcuata Skin by Stenchfury        
  • Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury       
  • Rhino Warlust Helmet by Stenchfury        
  • Polearm Phorcys Skin by Stenchfury       

Tennogen Nintendo Switch Bundle XIII

  • Chroma Vojnik Skin by Volkovyi    
  • Frost Vojnik Skin by Volkovyi     
  • Rhino Vojnik Skin by Volkovyi     
  • Limbo Vasiona Skin by Volkovyi     

Tennogen Nintendo Switch Bundle XIV

  • Pistris Syandana by Stenchfury       
  • Mushussu Syandana by Stenchfury        
  • Incubus Ribbon Syandana by Volkovyi     
  • Hammer Ogun Skin by Stenchfury          
  • Chroma Drevni Skin by Volkovyi        

The Liset Vammatar Skin by Ventralhound is also now available on consoles!



  • Fixed an unintended filter being applied to search terms.
  • Fixed a rare crash on the Nintendo Switch.

Missed Notes of Code Fixes from The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: 

  • Clicking on items in the in-game Market that are purchasable via the Nintendo eShop will now open the item’s details in the Market first instead of going straight to the Store. Now when you want to move forward with purchasing after learning the details from the Nintendo eShop you simply click “Purchase”.
  • Fixed permanently losing your thrown melee weapon if you throw it just before entering an Undercroft portal.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing wonky camera positioning after dismounting from K-Drive or Merulina. 
  • Fixed camera shifting to the last spot you summoned your K-Drive after summoning it again at a distance.
  • Fixed respawning in unexpected locations after Host Migration. 
  • Fixed being unable to purchase from Acrithis’ store in Duviri with resources that you had collected during that session. 
  • Fixed a rare crash while riding Kaithe. 
  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur if you were pulled into the Undercroft while a member of your squad was doing Conservation efforts in Duviri. 
  • Fixed crash when skipping cutscenes in The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed massive hitch that would occur when leaving Teshin’s Cave back to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed a hitch affecting players with most Focus trees unlocked.
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash that could occur in the Undercroft. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the Ripkas were unequipped while in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed the Rank 1 Endurance Intrinsic “Fortifying Decrees” (Each active Decree grants +25 Health to Drifter) granting more than +25 Health if there are several of the same Decree already active. 
  • Fixed crash caused by ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed very long hitch that would occur to the third member of a squad when loading into Teshin’s Cave right as Host migration occurs. 
  • Fixed a rare crash. 


Wisp Prime’s gilded splendor haunts the battlefield. Allies welcome her interdimensional beauty.

Wisp Prime's signature adornment.

* Players can equip or unequip this Shroud on Wisp Prime as an Auxiliary attachment. 

Wield a storm. Fulmin Prime's electric rounds switch between lightning beams and short-range bursts. Wisp quickly swaps between each mode with her elemental prowess.

Command the beauty and lethality of these ornate warfans.


Call upon the preternatural with Wisp Prime’s signature Syandana.

A look worthy of one who has the power to straddle realities. Fitted for the Drifter and the Operator.

Instantly gain access to Wisp Prime from the in-game Market or earn Relics in-game to craft Wisp Prime, Fulmin Prime, and Gunsen Prime in your Foundry. 

Now that Wisp Prime Access is available, the following items have been added to the Prime Vault for a future Prime Resurgence rotation. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Nidus Prime
  • Strun Prime
  • Magnus Prime

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Rank 4 The Perrin Sequence sacrifice of Magnus Prime Barrel with Knell Prime Barrel. 
  • Replaced Rank 5 Steel Meridian sacrifice of Nidus Prime Neuroptics with Garuda Prime Neuroptics. 
  • Replaced Rank 5 New Loka sacrifice of Nidus Prime Neuroptics with Garuda Prime Neuroptics. 

Riven Disposition Changes:

As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers, but we have taken a different approach for this update and have postponed Disposition decreases - check the full details here:

Embrace the spirit of discovery. The Curiosity Visage Ink Collection includes Academe, Circuit, Kiai, and Verula Ink designs.

Purchase the Collection in the in-game Market or purchase each individual Visage Ink from the Drifter Appearance tab. 

Argo & Vel bolster the warrior who stands fast. Blocking will activate its staggering energy shield. Power Strike knocks down enemies and inflicts Bleed Status. Perfect Parry restores your Power Strike. 

Warframe Version: Its Heavy Attack sends forth a glaive that ricochets off enemies.

Gain instant access to the Argo & Vel for both Drifter and Warframes with Platinum from Teshin’s Cave or the in-game Market. Or unlock it with Pathos Clamps for Drifter use and gain its blueprint to craft in the Foundry for Warframe use.



New Undercroft Tiles:
We have added two new tiles to the Undercroft for you to tackle Warframe combat in: Fractal Pastures and Amphitheatre. The Fractal Pastures is a large open tile with plenty of space for farming Tamms -- if it weren’t for the dangers of the Undercroft, that is. With the new Amphitheater tile, you can reminisce about the calming sounds of Shawzins heard on the Duviri landscape, but replace them instead with the cries of your enemies. All five existing game modes are available in the Fractal Pastures and Amphitheatre.

Jackal Assassination is here!
The Undercroft is gaining a sixth game mode available exclusively in the Fractal Pastures: Assassination! No longer in the confines of a Corpus laboratory, The Jackal can be found ruining crops in the Fractal Pastures, devastating the natural beauty with its laser grids and rockets. Take on the Jackal in this newest game mode to reach the Undercroft. 

In order for the expected time to complete Assassination to stay in line with other game modes, the Jackal fight has been modified from its original form on Venus. Jackal in the Undercroft will have three phases instead of four, and will be protected by reinforcements between phases. 

On defeat, Jackal will drop Rune Marrow and has a chance to drop the Jackal Sigil.

Undercroft Trauma Clamp: 
The Undercroft is a dangerous place, Drifter. Trauma Clamps have begun appearing across the Undercroft that can be used to your advantage. 

Trauma Clamps are hazards that can be found throughout the Undercroft. Breaking them open will pull in both Tenno and their foes alike, trapping them for a moment and imparting effects determined by the current Spiral. The range at which players will be drawn in is smaller than that of your enemies, but still take care when activating them. Use these strategically, as only a few spawn per Undercroft Tile. However, as the Void does work in mysterious ways, there is a chance of further Trauma Clamps spawning after a hazard is unleashed.  


Thrax’s Spirals will augment Trauma Clamps with the following effects:

  • Sorrow: Cold Damage and Status
  • Anger: Heat Damage and Status
  • Fear: Electricity Damage and Status
  • Envy: Toxin Damage and Status
  • Joy: Void Damage and Status, plus healing that will seek out nearby players.



New Incarnon Geneses are being added to the Circuit Steel Path reward path! Once acquired, players can install them into the applicable weapons by visiting Cavalero on the Zariman. 

Boar (base and Prime) 
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire three short-range beams that chain link enemies in Incarnon Form.

Gammacor (base and Synoid)
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire projectiles that pull enemies into a Cold Damage explosion in Incarnon Form.

Angstrum (base and Prisma) 
Awaken this weapon’s ability to launch target-seeking fireballs that ricochet toward enemies in Incarnon Form.

Gorgon (base, Wraith, and Prisma) 
Awaken this weapon’s ability to fire embedding projectiles that explode with Heat Damage in Incarnon Form.

Awaken this weapon’s ability to increase Range and Slash Damage during slide attacks in Incarnon Form.

Circuit Reward Path Rotation Date: Sunday, July 30th 
With respect to current Circuit Reward Path rotation, we wanted to give players fastest access to these new Incarnons as possible. As a result, we are altering the current Steel Path Circuit reward rotation to ensure they show up next week (July 30th). 

Here is the updated Offering Rotation Schedule for the Steel Path Circuit:

Week 1: Braton, Lato, Skana, Paris, Kunai (this week’s offerings)
Week 2: (NEW) Boar, Gammacor, Angstrum, Gorgon, and Anku 
Week 3: Bo, Latron, Furis, Furax, Strun 
Week 4: Lex, Magistar, Boltor, Bronco, Ceramic Dagger 
Week 5: Torid, Dual Toxocyst, Dual Ichor, Miter, Atomos
Week 6: Ack & Brunt, Soma, Vasto, Nami Solo, Burston 
Week 7: Zylok, Sibear, Dread, Despair, Hate 

New Incarnon Geneses Acquisition Method: Incarnon Market at Cavalero 
In addition to acquiring these new Incarnon Geneses via the Steel Path Circuit Rewards, they will also be available for purchase at Calavero with Platinum in the Incarnon Market starting the week they are available on the Circuit Reward path. 

As previously discussed on Devstream 172, the intention behind this experiment is to offer players the option to pay-to-skip should they desire, while ensuring that the free acquisition path is not prohibitive for players. Only these 5 new items will be available for Platinum via this experiment, and will become available following the Weekly Reset on July 30th. 

The “Incarnon Market” option will appear at Cavalero on July 30th once the rotation to the new Incarnon Geneses occur and will be permanently accessible as a one-time purchase for players who have unlocked The Steel Path



Brand new Warframe Augment Mods are available from Syndicates Offerings! 

*Stats below are shown at Max Rank. 

Temporal Erosion (Protea - Temporal Anchor)
While Temporal Anchor is active, each strike of Grenade Fan and Blaze Artillery strips 10% Armor from enemies. 

Available in the Arbiters of Hexis and The Perrin Sequence offerings. 

Shadow Haze (Sevagoth - Reap) 
Increase Critical Chance by 50% on enemies inflicted with Death Harvest. A new Shadow emerges from those enemies when they perish. Limit of 3 Shadows. 

Available in The Perrin Sequence and Cephalon Suda offerings. 

Ulfrun’s Endurance (Voruna - Ulfrun’s Descent) 
During Ulfrun’s attack, enemies that die from Bleed within 20m restores Voruna’s charges. 

Available in the Red Veil and Steel Meridian offerings. 

Intrepid Stand (Styanax - Final Stand) 
Each javelin that hits an enemy grants 60 Overguard to Styanax and 30 Overguard to his allies within Affinity Range. 

Available in the New Loka and Arbiters of Hexis offerings. 

New Decrees have been added to the randomized pool of options upon completing Duviri Spiral stages and side objectives! 

Values marked with an asterisk* can be stacked and are shown at max. 

Stable Stance 
Gains 25% resistance to knockdown for each enemy within 20m. 

Swooping Miasma
Gain +3* jumps. Jumping slide kicks cause 300* Viral Damage and status in an area around hit enemies. 

Kexat’s Pounce
Jump higher. Gain +180%* damage while airborne. Effect wears off 2s after landing. 

Baneful Harmony
Inflicting Cold or Toxin status effects also inflicts Viral status. 

Consuming Rage (Spiteful)
Heavy Attacks and Power Strikes consume 10% of Energy or Transference Bar, but gain +300% damage. 


Explore even more Captura opportunities with these Duviri scenes. Find them in Acrithis’ rotating Wares in the Dormizone or find her in the Duviri landscape! 

  • Undercroft Dax Camp Scene
  • Undercroft Lodging Scene
  • Undercroft Lunaro Scene
  • Undercroft Township Scene
  • Undercroft Outskirts Scene
  • Crater Cay Scene
  • Dais Cay Scene
  • Winding Isles Scene
  • Little Cay Scene
  • Basin Cay Scene

Open a passage to the Harbinger’s Pass and Courtier’s Bliss islands via these new Dojo Rooms. Once placed, enter the portal to free roam the islands to your heart’s content! 

Image above shows view of the entry to the Harbringer’s Pass Dojo Room. 

Image above shows a view of the inside of the Courtier’s Bliss Dojo Room. 

These rooms come equipped with the ability to change the backdrop from the Room Options console. Select from all of the Duviri Spirals (Joy, Anger, Envy, Sorrow, Fear) to set the mood. 

Due to the unique nature of these rooms, only one of each can be placed in your Dojo. 


As first announced in the dedicated Dev Workshop, we have made changes to the following systems: 

  • Enhanced Damage Numbers
  • Overguard for Warframes
  • Cold, Impact, and Puncture Status Changes

Enhanced Damage Numbers
Warframe is a numbers game, whether you’re Modding your Warframe or your Weapons to do as much damage as possible. With that in mind, we have introduced a new Enhanced Damage Number setting with the goal of properly communicating the impact of your attacks and increasing the overall legibility of damage numbers in-game. 

This new setting can be found in the Interface: HUD Category of your Settings Menu under “Show Damage Numbers.” You can cycle between the new Enhanced system and the familiar Legacy system or turn off damage numbers altogether!

For our visual learning Tenno, take a look at the Enhanced Damage Numbers in action with Lead Game Designer Pablo!

Overall Damage Number Changes:
Whether you are using Legacy or Enhanced Damage Numbers, these new settings will be available with Echoes of Duviri:

Commas in Damage Numbers on Consoles
This was initially released on PC and required some extra work to get on consoles, but now you can see them in all of their glory!

Damage Number Scale
Custom scaling of your damage number text size, from 50 to 300!

Additionally, Damage numbers will no longer scale with HUD scale setting as they used to. So you can customize the HUD and the numbers separately. 


Compact Damage Numbers
This Toggle will shorten large numbers for legibility (i.e. 100,357 would be shortened to 100k)

Enhanced Damage Numbers Setting
With this new setting toggled on, players can expect to see the following:

Refreshed Damage Number Appearance
A punchier presentation of damage numbers, with an updated font treatment to improve legibility. For reference of what this looks like in action, refer to Pablo’s video above. 

Prioritized Critical Hits
Player damage output varies wildly from damage over time (DOT) from Status Effects to powerful Critical Hits. Previously all types of Damage were treated the same in the Damage Number cycle: meaning, Critical Hit Damage Numbers often disappeared quickly if there were a lot of small DOT procs happening concurrently. From a gameplay side, this had no impact on the actual damage done to your enemies, but it meant the true impact of your Critical Hits was not always communicated to you as clearly as we would like.

Now, your Critical Hits will be prioritized over smaller damage numbers. Those smaller numbers will still appear but now disappear sooner if higher-priority damage is done. Additionally, this prioritization system applies to Critical Hit Tiers as well, meaning Super Critical Hit Damage Numbers will linger longer than regular Critical Hits.

Custom Ability Damage Treatment
Since your Abilities traditionally cannot Crit, these attacks tend to have less oomph. Now Ability Damage has its own Damage Color so that it will stand out amongst the rest!

Like all other Damage Numbers, you can customize Ability Damage colors in the “Customize Hud Colors” menu (found in the Interface category of your Accessibility Settings).


Melee Damage Numbers
With Legacy settings, Damage Numbers appear at the point of contact, often off-screen or otherwise obstructed by Melee attacks. 

With Enhanced settings, Melee Damage numbers will now travel with you to improve visibility and will travel with the attack movement as well. Again, this is best illustrated in Pablo’s video for those who want to see this in action!

Player Overguard Improvements
With Duviri came the first instance of Warframes using Overguard, and The Seven Crimes of Kullervo solidified this mechanic as a part of various Warframes’ kits. 

Now that players have access to Overguard consistently, we have made some adjustments to improve the quality of life in this new health state: 

Consistent Proc Immunity
Due to the variety of sources of Overguard, there were occasionally inconsistencies in how it behaved in regard to Proc Immunity. With Echoes of Duviri, all sources of Player Overguard will offer Full Proc Immunity while active. 

Overguard Depletion Protection
Similar to Shields, Player Overguard will now offer a brief moment of invulnerability (currently 0.5s) once depleted. This window will prevent players with Overguard from being one-shot, as damage to Overguard will no longer carry over into your Health or Shield pool once depleted. 

Upon launch, we will closely monitor feedback on this mechanic change to see if further adjustments are needed.

NOTE: This Overguard Depletion Protection applies only to Player Overguard, not Overguard seen on enemies. 

Hit Impact Visuals 
Similar to taking damage to your Health or your Shields, Overguard now has its own unique appearance when attacked. Damage will no longer cause blood splatters while Overguard is active, and we have added a unique metallic hit effect that better communicates having a layered shell protecting you.

Additionally, players will no longer flinch while taking damage with Overguard active. 
(NOTE: This has no gameplay function other than looking cool)

Status Changes
With the variety of Status effects in Warframe, there are certain types that may be seen as less favorable than others. Cold, Puncture, and Impact tend to have a lesser impact on the battlefield, so we felt it was time to revisit the value they added to player kits:

Puncture Changes:
Weakened Status Effect Buffs:

  • Increased the debuff to enemy attacks from 30% to 40% on the first stack.
  • Reduced the maximum amount of stacks from 10 to 5.
  • Increased per-stack debuff from 5% to 10%. 
  • Increased the total debuff at Max Stacks from 75% to 80%. 

Weakened Status Effect Additions:

  • Increases Critical Chance threshold on enemy by 5% per Stack, to a maximum of 25% at 5 Stacks. This is additive after mods, not before. Does not apply to Abilities or AOE damage. 

Impact Changes:
Stagger Status Effect Changes: 

  • Reduced the maximum amount of stacks from 10 to 5.
  • Increased the Mercy Threshold from 4% to 8% per stack. 

Functionally, this allows for players to trigger early Mercy kills with less stacks required!

NOTE: These changes should not affect the functionality of Impact Stacks for Mods such as Internal Bleeding or Hemorrhage.

Cold Changes:
Freeze Status Effect Changes:

  • Increased the maximum amount of stacks from 8 to 9.
  • Increased the additional per-stack Slow from 3.5% to 5%. 
  • Increased the maximum Slow effect from 75% to 90%. 
  • While we previously mentioned buffing Cold Slow Effect to 85% in our Citrine’s Last Wish update, we mistakenly only increased it to 75% instead. 

Freeze Status Effect Additions:

  • Increased the Critical Damage taken by an enemy by 10% on initial Status Effect Subsequent Stacks increase this debuff by 5%, up to a maximum of 50%. This is additive after mods, not before.



  • Added a “Drifter Mastery” category to the Mastery Breakdown on player profiles. 
    • Previously, Drifter Intrinsics were counted in the Railjack Mastery category. 
  • Added on-hover tooltip in the Melee Combos screen to provide more details (Stats, Status Effects, etc.).
    • 12885b9a516bc94448ecfd05844b0681.png 
  • You can now purchase additional Appearance Config Slots for your Operator/Drifter! Click on the + icon next to the ABC configs to purchase with Platinum. 
  • Added a new “Hermit’s Landing” label to the Duviri Minimap. 
  • Added a pop-up countdown message when players are being teleported to the Confront Kullervo objective in Duviri.



  • Updated the Duviri Steel Path access message to properly indicate what nodes must be completed to access the Steel Path, as previously announced in this PSA
  • Removed the Duviri Starting Path from the New Player Experience. Now, all new Tenno will start with the Vor's Prize Quest, and the Duviri Paradox will be available to them after its completion. 
    • After months of review of player behavior, we are making this change to give all new players an accurate representation of core Warframe gameplay before we introduce them to the magic of Duviri.  Offering two Starting Paths for new players was an experiment -- and not one we regret -- but a key part of experimentation is continued iteration after the fact to ensure the best player experience possible. Tenno who already chose the Drifter Path should not be affected!
  • Removed a Dax Arcus spawn point in Castle Town that could bother players visiting Acrithis after the Orowrym fight. 
  • Pathos Clamps, Kullervo’s Bane, and Steel Essence will now appear in the reward banner that appears at the top of the screen in Duviri instead of sliding in from the side. 
  • Updated the waypoint marker functionality when retrieving the Orvius from the Rablit in the Orowyrm fight. Upon approaching the area where the Rablit spawns, a new waypoint will appear on the Rablit directly, telling you where to grab your Orvius from!
  • Added improvements to the area marker for the “Hidden Chest” objective to help guide players to the Chest. The area marker will shrink as time passes, and will disappear entirely once the Chest is found.
  • Improved the transition from Paragrimm back to Drifter after completing the “Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes” Objective. Now, the screen will fade to black during the transition, and the Tome on the Paragrimm's pedestal will no longer glow once the objective is completed.
  • Missed note: Removed Luscinia’s Opera singing in the Undercroft. 
    • Due to the smaller tile, the singing was easily triggered a lot with players crossing paths with it often which created a lot of auditory noise. 
  • Enable Hint Transmissions toggle in your Audio Settings will now also apply to non-critical game mode transmissions in the Undercroft. When toggled off, Teshin will wax a little less poetic about Void Angels and choose instead to watch your progress silently from afar.
  • The Duviri Shawzin screen will now auto-close after completing the song and earning the side objective reward. Re-entering the Shawzin screen after the initial completion will not automatically exit you out for any further songs you play. 
    • This change was made to remove the awkward waiting period after finishing your song before you earned your Decree. Now it will automatically close once your Decree is earned, and you can simply interact with the Shawzin again if you wish to continue your jam session.



  • Modular Components that can earn Mastery will now show if that component is Mastered when viewed in a Vendor Menu (ex: viewing Zaw Strikes at Hok).
  • Reduced the intensity of camera static effect when using Security Cameras in Break Narmer missions. As per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1359305-khal-sneaky-sabotage-bugs-wc-3-july-2023/?ct=1688389719  
  • Improved the visibility of Cortege’s beam when using a black energy color with lower GPU Particle Quality settings. 
  • Kullervo will now turn to face the direction of the reticle when casting Collective Curse while stationary.  
  • Adjusted Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance teleport to accommodate for his melee attack movement, meaning players are less likely to slide right past enemies. 
  • Improved the transition between the death and ragdoll animations to be more natural and smooth. Also improved enemies getting up and recovering from a ragdolled state. 
  • Slightly smoothed and improved the Rifle aiming animation. 
  • Player HUD and Chat scale values now change based on chosen video resolution if those settings are set to the default values, or if you are starting the game for the first time.
  • Increased the IPS (Impact, Puncture, Slash) Damage of the following Mods: 
    • Rupture - Increased Impact Damage from 30% to 90% 
    • Disruptor - Increased Impact Damage from 30% to 90%
    • Piercing Hit - Increased Puncture Damage from 30% to 90% 
    • Flechette - Increased Puncture Damage  from 30% to 90% 
    • Sawtooth Clip - Increased Slash Damage from 30% to 90%
    • Shredder - Increased Slash Damage from 30% to 90%
    • Concussion Rounds - Increased Impact Damage from 60% to 90%
    • No Return - Increased Puncture Damage from 60% to 90%
    • Razor Shot - Increased Slash Damage from 60% to 90%
  • Updated the Incarnon Form transformation animations for the Dual Toxocyst. 
  • Updated the Conservation animal map icons to match their respective Echo Lure colors. 
    • f5b6781e11be2185842e435271c04619.png 
  • Updated the Platinum and Regal Aya purchase screens to be more streamlined. 
    • e4216b0b6bdae2fb012202657c2b3868.png
  • Common Cambion Drift resources (Ganglion, Lucent Teroglobes, and Pustulite) no longer trigger the special resource notification when picked up in the landscape. 
    • These special resource notifications are meant to highlight uncommon or rare pick-ups in-mission. Players will still be able to see common Cambion Drift resources via the regular resource pick-up notification -- we’re just saving that special pop-up for harder to find items! 
  • Removed a feature where certain bosses scaled their level based on your equipped Mods.
    • This is a remnant of an older Warframe system that scaled difficulty based on your Mod loadout. As a result, enemies like Captain Vor might be anywhere from level 10 to 30, depending on how “powerful” your equipped Mods were during your encounter. 
    • With this feature removed, now all bosses will always spawn at a consistent level on the regular Star Chart.
  • Increased the size of the Polychrome context action so that it's more accessible at odd angles.
  • Blitz Eximus will no longer target Defense Targets with their shockwave attack, but the Defense Target can still be injured by it if hit.



  • Made micro-optimizations to memory footprint in the resource system to save over 70 KB. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to engine startup and level loading. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to level loading for all platforms. 
  • Made optimizations to sound pathing. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to rendering performance. 
  • Made optimizations to level loading. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the content update system.
  • Made small performance fixes when playing The Duviri Paradox Quest. 



  • Fixed Decrees with a mobility trigger (ex: Temporal Acceleration, Ranger's Reload, etc.) not applying while Yareli is riding Merulina. 
  • Fixed the “Between the Eyes” Decree not applying bonus damage to Melee and Power Strike damage. 
  • Fixed Table for Two side objective near Mathila’s Farm being uncompletable due to inaccessible void beam spawn point. 
  • Fixed self-damage being dealt to Grendel after Feasting on enemies that are taking damage from Status dealt by allies. As per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1358166-torid-direct-hits-grendels-feast-self-damage/ 
  • Fixed Undercroft Portals not spawning if squadmates were speaking to the Warden or confronting Kullervo. 
    • These were disabled to fix issues caused by part of the squad being in the Undercroft waiting room when the Kullervo fight started. Now, these Portals will spawn but cannot be entered until the Kullervo encounter has ended (or you say "no" to the Warden).
  • Fixed the Secondary Outburst Arcane consuming one less than the indicated Combo Counter (e.g. the UI displayed 15 but the value used for the Arcane was 14). 
  • Fixed side objective and main Spiral stage Undercroft Portals repeating the same mission back to back. 
    • The same mission type can still appear in the same session (i.e. Survival → Excavacation → Survival), but now they will not be all the same for all portals (Survival → Survival → Survival). 
  • Fixed Eximus in the Undercroft, Simulacrum, and Sanctuary Onslaught not dropping their guaranteed ammo.
  • Fixed Drifter Power Strikes getting canceled if you block or quickshot while it is spooling up. 
    • Normal Drifter melee attacks can still be canceled by blocking and quickshots. 
  • Fixed Kaithe not spawning for players in Steel Path Orowyrm fight if they are riding Merulina as Yareli. 
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck as Drifter in the Undercroft after getting pulled into the lobby and using Transference.  
  • Fixed being unable to use Transference in the side objective Undercroft missions after completing the Orowyrm fight in The Duviri Experience. 
  • Fixed dying before the Orowyrm cutscene causing the cinematic to be completely empty and losing function after it has completed. 
  • Fixed consecutive Heavy Attacks not resetting the Melee Combo multiplier.  
  • Fixed Clients being unable to rejoin Undercroft missions. 
  • Fixed Rauta’s melee combo counter increase not applying with Garuda’s Talons equipped as your melee weapon. 
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability always equipping your Primary weapon after casting, even if your Secondary weapon was equipped prior to the cast. 
  • Fixed Dax units in Duviri having an increased resistance to cold procs.
  • Fixed floating Silphsela disappearing when the Sun Silph they spawned from is destroyed.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance dealing inconsistent damage when used with Gunblades.
  • Fixed all weapons that gain charges from kills (not headshots) to activate their alt-fire (ex: Trumna, Sepulcrum, etc.) not gaining charges from kills caused by their own status damage. 
  • Fixed Exodia Might not triggering on Mercy Kills. Previously it would only trigger on Finishers performed by your actual Zaw (versus your Parazon, etc.).



  • Fixed Torid’s Renewed Horror perk not doubling duration on the damage field duration on first shot as intended. 
  • Fixed Evolution perks not being reflected in the Incarnon Weapon’s upgrade screen stats in Teshin’s Cave. 
  • Fixed Latron’s Incarnon Mode not benefiting from the Double Tap Augment Mod. 
  • Fixed Furis’ Haven Foray Incarnon perk not applying its bonus damage from Overshields. 
  • Fixed being able to self-stagger using the Ceramic Dagger Incarnon heavy attack. 



  • Fixed rewards and resources earned not appearing in the End of Mission screen upon extracting via the “Leave Duviri” option. 
    • These were already awarded upon leaving via this method, they simply were not reflected properly in this End of Mission Screen!
  • Fixed subsequent Excavation Stages in the Circuit not showing Cryotic progress UI. 
  • Fixed the Relic rarity gauge UI always showing as Radiant in the Fissure Mission Relic selection screen. 
  • Fixed being unable to start certain missions from the Alerts Bar (ex: Void Fissures) when selected on the Duviri Region Screen. 
  • Fixed cases of Main Story objectives in Duviri not appearing in the HUD if players moved far from the objective and then returned.
  • Fixed Sirocco’s Overcharge reticle UI missing when reloading while mounted on Kaithe as Client. 
    • Also fixed Sirocco’s magazine count going down by more than one after the first shot. 
  • Fixed interacting with the “Incarnon Upgrade Available” prompt in your HUD while already in the “Evolve Incarnon Weapons” Menu at Cavalero resulting in function loss.
  • Fixed a case of double Objective UI caused by having a Kaithe Race story stage after completing an Undercroft Portal on Duviri.
  • Fixed Objective Waypoints not appearing on the Advanced Duviri Map. 
  • Fixed a case of double Objective UI caused by having a Kaithe Race story stage after completing an Undercroft Portal on Duviri. 


  • Fixed Host migration sending Clients to another Host that has their matchmaking set to Solo, leaving them in a non-functional state. 
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would see other players fall through the map when they mount a Kaithe.  
  • More fixes towards Recompense putting Kullervo into bleed-out if Ability Strength is high enough. 
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla Larvae being able to block Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance. 
  • Fixed Host migration causing the graves in Duviri to lose their context action for the remaining players. 
  • Fixed ammo for Drifter and Warframe weapons getting auto-refilled upon mounting Kaithe. 
  • Fixed hitching that would occur when loading into Teshin’s Cave to select a Warframe during The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to perform a Ground Slam if they have Excalibur Umbra equipped. 
  • Fixed players that are permanently downed (no revives left) being revived after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Hema consuming more Health than intended on reload if equipped with a “Reload While Holstering” Mod. 
  • Fixed the camera standing still after transitioning to the Paragrimm in the "Recover the Paragrimm's Tomes" objective.
  • Fixed being able to begin Maw Fishing while the Confront Kullervo objective starts, resulting in your Drifter being teleported into the water instead of to Kullervo’s Hold.
  • Fixed loss of function caused by accessing other menus while Maw Feeding. 
    • As a result, we have disabled the ability to use the Pause Menu while partaking in this activity.
  • Fixed a floating Ueymag on Kullervo’s Hold. 
  • Fixed Sythel appearing on the Duviri Landscape during the Fear Spiral. 
  • Fixed players experiencing function loss if Transferring to their Operator while sliding. 
  • Fixed Akstiletto skins not replacing the magazine type on the Prime model. 
  • Fixed Transference Excalibur Umbra going invincible and A-posing instead of kneeling when defeated. 
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra being stuck in a kneeling pose if Transference is used while spamming inputs. 
  • Fixed being able to walk behind the portal in Teshin’s Cave without being teleported to Duviri. 
  • Fixed Vor continuing his monologue if killed before he starts talking in the Circuit Exterminate.
    • To remedy this, his monologue starts sooner upon spawning.
  • Fixed Jordas Golem sometimes getting stuck after spawning. 
  • Fixed players floating mid-air if standing upon the Juggernaut Behemoth boil before it spawns in Jordas Golem Assassinate missions.
  • Fixed a hitch in the Cambion Drift Steel Path Bounty stage “Cleanse the Land”. 
  • Fixed Mods sometimes not applying to Garuda’s Talons in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being able to slide as Drifter while performing a Power Strike. 
  • Fixed the glowing FX from the Apostasy Prologue Quest persisting in the Personal Quarters after completing the Quest. 
  • Fixed being able to exit the map using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance. 
  • Fixed being able to teleport out of the Undercroft and back into the Duviri landscape using Wisp’s Breach Surge or Will-O-Wisp (if there was a Reservoir placed in the landscape prior to entering the Undercroft). 
  • Fixed kills done with certain Decrees (such as “Bombastine’s Malice”) counting as Ability Kills for the Nightwave Act “Power Trip”. 
  • Fixed broken textures near a cave on Kullervo’s Hold. 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Corpus Ship tileset, just big enough for a Razorwing Titania to fly through. 
  • Fixed a console in the Gas City tileset missing its screen. 
  • Fixed the Gas City skybox having a blank space.  
  • Fixed a map hole in one of the roads on the west side of Duviri.
  • Fixed a spot-load that could occur while spawning Liminus. 
  • Fixed a few short hitches that could occur in The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed Kuva Liches with Dual Pistols equipped using single-handed weapon aim poses when crouched.
  • Fixed the Conclave team rebalancing message being localized to the Host's language regardless if the Client uses a different language launcher.
  • Fixed offset issues for the Avia and Protovyre Chest pieces on the Orizu Drifter Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues for the Asa, Kunshu, and Telos Syandana on the Orizu Drifter Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues for Vetala Prime shoulder and leg pieces on Railjack Crew. 
  • Fixed various offset issues with the Iridos Chest Plate. 
  • Fixed offset issues for leg armor on the Baruuk Doan Skin. 
  • Fixed the Iridos, Ki'Teer and Maggor Chest Pieces not laying flat on Kullervo’s chest. 
  • Fixed Emblems attaching at weird points on Revenant Prime after removing the Revenant Prime Armor and swapping skins.
  • Fixed various offset issues with Krtrima Armor pieces on several Warframes. 
  • Fixes towards several offset issues with Arm and Chest attachments on the Bishamo Hawk and Lark Armor set for Drifter. 
  • Fixes towards several offset issues with Arm and Chest attachments on the Bishamo Hawk and Lark Armor set for Drifter. 
  • Fixed various offset issues with Aesopex Armor pieces. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when clicking on a look link from chat. 
  • Fixed crash related to Corrosive procs. 
  • Fixed a brief flash of brightness in the end of the mission screen. 
  • Fixed rare crash when dying as a Warframe while being ragdolled. 
  • Fixed rare crash related to enemy AI movement.
  • Fixed rare crash when loading into the Duviri Experience. 
  • Fixed rare crash related to the Kullervo boss fight. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading procedural levels. 
  • Fixed a rare case of desync between Client and Host after idling for a long time in Duviri.
  • Fixed rare crash in Kaithe section of the Steel Path Orowyrm Fight if a player lost their Kaithe after a host migration. 
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by going through the Portal in the “Shades of the Undercroft” section of The Duviri Paradox Quest after idling for a significant amount of time. 
  • Fixed a rare case of disconnecting from the server after very long play sessions.
  • Fixed camera swinging around wildly when mounting Kaithe in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being unable to unequip Archgun in the Orowrym fight after deactivating an Exalted ability (e.g. Hildryn’s Aegis Storm) with the Archgun equipped.
  • Fixed the aliases of recently added friends not appearing in the UI list (only their platform and Mastery Rank icons would be seen). 
  • Fixed Clan Affinity not updating immediately after rushing a Dojo room / decoration that gives Clan Affinity.
  • Fixed Clans earning Clan Affinity for rooms that are not fully constructed. This only affects existing Clans that have those rooms placed in their unfinished state, and those Clans who build these rooms following this update.
  • Fixed Waterfall (Gentle) Dojo Decoration VFX disappearing when viewed from certain angles. 
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck on one of the catwalks in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
  • Fixed script error related to Yareli. 
  • Fixed script error related to Cipher hacking.
  • Fixed Clients maintaining Drifter UI while playing as Warframe after being teleported into the Orowyrm Arena. 
  • Fixed Orowyrm rings not taking damage from Hildryn’s Balefire.  
  • Fixed texture flickering in the extraction area in the last stage of The Archwing Quest. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the following: 
    • Several Sigils
    • Several Regular and Prime Noggles (Harrow, Revenant, Khora, Garuda) 
    • Operator Accessories
    • Lanex Syandana
    • Ogris Iridos Skin 
    • Orowyrm's Sanctum Display
    • Eximus Advantage and Metamorphic Magazine Mods
    • Hero of Duviri Display
    • Drifter Keeler Suit
  • Fixed the Orowyrm Orvius Rablit spawning mid-air if the Materlith statue is by bushes. 
  • Fixed floating resource container in the cave east of The Agora in Duviri. 
  • Fixed being able to see through the map from a staircase in the Orokin Tower tileset. 
  • Fixed Grineer enemies taking cover and not attacking unless damaged by players. 
  • Fixed script error related to Cipher hacking.
  • Fixed using the Navigation console after a completed Railjack mission and attempting to go to the dry dock resulting in an endless timer.
  • Fixed Landing Crafts appearing blurry docked in Relays with Motion Blur on. 
  • Fixed camera hanging after interacting with the “Find the Paragrimm’s Lost Tomes” pedestal in Duviri. 
  • Fixed an issue where Liminus enemies would ambush players if the Host was AFK in Teshin’s Cave. 
  • Fixed Mods being rewarded for Spiral stages after completing the Kullervo fight. 
  • Fixed rare case where two Orowyrms could spawn during the Steel Path fight, causing several issues. 
  • Fixed Void Flood objective UI lingering into the next Undercroft stage.  
  • Fixed Rescue the Prisoner objective as a Spiral stage taking a long time to officially end after successfully completing it (in other words, it would take a long time to transition to the next stage). 
  • Fixed performance getting progressively worse in the Duviri landscape after triggering a Ghost Mirror side objective. 
  • Fixed the Drifter Vest being see-through at certain angles. 
  • Fixed issue where certain conditional animations would stop working under specific        circumstances (e.g. head tracking would stop working while playing a looping emote once you had the camera facing behind the player, never to reactivate for the duration of that emote). 
  • Fixed extraction portal VFX doubling if Host migration occurs in the extraction zone in Duviri. 
  • Fixed Clients being targeted and attacked by enemies in Duviri while controlling the Paragrimm. 
  • Fixed offset issues for several Syandanas when equipped on Kullervo. 
  • Fixed the “Gather Enough Samples” Bounty objective UI no longer showing a counter for the collected samples. 
  • Fixed the Rune Marrow dropped from Corrupted Vor in the Undercroft appearing as a Mod. 
  • Fixed losing UI and not seeing the Dax Gladius cutscene if squadmates triggered it while you are far away. 
  • Fixed the Gauss Nitrolyst Helmet animations and VFX not appearing correctly during Redline. 
  • Fixed becoming invisible on the bridge in the Castle Town Captura Scene. 
  • Fixed unlit rocks by the Chamber of the Muses in Duviri. 
  • Fixed a flat texture sticking out of the ground by the Lunaro Court in Duviri. 
  • Fixed small texture gap by the Upperhaven in Duviri. 
  • Fixed several pillars and walls in the Orowyrm arena missing collision. 
  • Fixed multiple parts of Kullervo’s Hold clipping or missing textures. 
  • Fixed the extraction timer triggering from town hub to open landscape (e.g. Cetus to Plains of Eidolon) even if Client doesn’t leave the tunnel. 
  • Fixed several languages translating “+10x” stat lines incorrectly. 
  • Fixed being able to install the wrong Segment during the Vor’s Prize Quest, resulting in a progression stop. 
  • Fixed Clients not receiving rewards from Maw Feeding if they are Feeding at the same location and the same time as the Host. 
  • Fixed Undercroft enemies not spawning if a Host Migration occurred while in the Undercroft waiting room. 
  • Fixed being stuck in a loading tunnel if you experienced a host migration during the End of Mission Screen after abandoning a Railjack Mission.
  • Fixed the “Repeat Mission” button in the Circuit End of Mission screen not taking you to the Circuit Menu. 
  • Fixed various terrain issues (including a floating tree!) across the Duviri landscape. 
  • Fixed Host migrating while on the Duviri Landscape resulting in a non-functional waypoint marker being added to the map if the player has enough Intrinsics to rank up. 
  • Fixed a script error triggered by the Phage in the End of Mission screen. 
  • Fixed the Energy Orb drop chance of Trinity’s Pool of Life Augment not scaling with Power Strength, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1340564-pool-of-life-augment-is-bugged/ 
  • Fixed an issue where Specters spawned by Sisters of Parvos would incorrectly clone your modular weapons, leading to occasional crashes and an otherwise non-functional melee weapon for the Specter. As a bonus, your cloned Specter will now properly apply your weapons’ color schemes so you can fight them in style. 
  • Fixed dying in Duviri sometimes resulting in you respawning in the wrong area (ex: respawning in the Undercroft waiting room after you’ve already been teleported to the actual Undercroft mission, etc.). 
  • Fixed a piece of floating grass in the Undercroft waiting room. VERD-IE would be proud!
  • Fixed Clients being invisible if they were in the middle of Maw Feeding at the conclusion of the first stage of the Orowyrm fight, and were transported to the Arena while still in Maw-form. 
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the lit torch lights in the Undercroft Waiting Room. 
  • Fixed the Defense, Survival, and Void Flood missions only using the Undercroft Opera Tile for Bounty Stage Undercroft portals. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Sister of Parvos-spawned Kullervo Specter using Wrathful Advance. 
  • Fixed exiting and re-entering the "Recover the Paragrimm's Tomes" Objective resulting in the player exiting the objective without any input.
  • Fixed a performance issue that could be caused by an interaction between Kullervo's Collective Curse and Sentient faction damage resistances.
  • Fixed the Golden Maws in The War Within Quest not rendering properly during cutscene in which the Maws capture the Operator. 
  • Fixed an issue with decal clipping in the Zariman Ten Zero tileset.
  • Fixed certain areas of the Grineer Forest tileset having see-through areas.  
  • Fixed an antenna hanging in mid air in one of the Enigmas in Duviri. 
  • Fixed an Aggristone Formation floating in the air near Royalstead Pastures in Duviri. 
  • Fixed a wall missing lighting in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed the Kullervos in the cells in Kullervo’s Hold having an odd VFX between their feet.
  • Fixed Titania getting stuck in an endless falling loop during the Chains of Harrow Quest due to Razorwing.
  • Fixed the Kullervos in the cells in Kullervo’s Hold having an odd VFX between their feet.
  • Fixed the Foundry “crafting started” SFX occasionally not playing. 
  • Fixed the Drifter Melee Power Strike charging SFX continuing even after it has been executed.
  • Fixed a lighting issue on the Akjagara. 
  • Fixed Styanax’s Tharros Strike triggering an unintended sound effect for Clients. 
  • Fixed a leftover blocking volume near Bombastine in The Duviri Paradox Quest. 
  • Fixed the Drifter occasionally using the wrong idle animation. 
  • Fixed a case of broken waypoint navigation in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed Host migration causing the Operator model in the Table for Two side objective to have stretched out neck and limbs.
  • Fixed Broken Turbines in the "Reconnect the Power Lines" objective on Duviri where it still appeared broken even if the objective was completed.
  • Fixed players slightly clipping into the ground upon disembarking their Liset in the Relay arrival cinematic.
  • Fixed teleport sound playing for all squad members invited to the Drifter Camp when transitioning between sections of the Orbiter.
  • Fixed elevated floor collision in the Grineer Shipyard tileset. 
  • Fixed Clients being targeted by enemies while playing the Shawzin Side Objective on the Duviri Landscape. 
  • Fixed players that are invited to a friend’s Drifter Camp seeing Kahl’s Garrison fully ranked even if the Host has not reached max rank in the Syndicate. 
  • Fixed being unable to install Helminth Segments if another Orbiter Segment is queued to be installed. 
    • Example: Unable to install the Helminth Archon Shard Segment if a Kubrow is waiting to be claimed and the Kavat Incubator Segment is queued to be installed.
  • Fixed the skybox disappearing when loading into stages of The Circuit.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes when leaving Duviri and returning to the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed a rare crash when leaving your mission during the 'Assemble the Shrine' objective on Duviri. 
  • Fixed Wisp using the incorrect reload animation for throwing knives. 
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