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NSW Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix #2

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  • Added Incarnon descriptions to the on-hover pop-up in the Steel Path Circuit reward selection screen.

  • Added the ability to dismount the Ropalolyst via the melee input. 



  • Fixed mashing the Cipher button resulted in a total loss of input, meaning players could not leave the hacking screen. 

  • Fixed players losing functionality after accessing cameras in Break Narmer missions.

  • Fixed Facial Accessories no longer appearing with the Stranger’s Hood equipped and Hood toggled off. 

  • Fixed Circuit Assassinate Jackal not being given the same “boss-type” classification as other assassination targets.


Click here for the Known Issues List

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Since this hotfix the Narmer Factory mission didn't have any issues like before, so that's good! Although for some reason it seemed like it didn't register Freezing the Raknoid twice in the same mission, so I had to do that in a separate run, but I took care of that.


Aside from that, I still frequently run into issues with staying in a two-person squad (My fiancee & I) set on public matchmaking, so I hope that can be fixed in the future too. After others join from other platforms, I normally get kicked as it stops loading, and can't rejoin most of the time since the mission objective is somehow already completed.

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