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Syam Blade Sheathed Outside Sheath (with/without skins)

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For months, since I unlocked the Syam, I've been disturbed by the awful clipping of the Syam. The blade sticks out of the sheath on every skin, and without skins, the blade is just entirely outside the sheath. Here's the screenshots below, via Imgur: 

Syam Clipping Bug Examples

Overall, the position would need to be moved a bit by the x-axis and the y-axis, but a lot more on the z-axis.

Let me know if the screenshots are insufficient, or are conflicted (broken link/corrupted file?). Thanks

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It's even more noticeable when using skins on it, especially simpler ones, that don't have much going on at the beginning of the sheath. I wanted to use my nikana ryu skin, but you can clearly see that the blade is missing the hole in the sheath, and it's very annoying. Without using skins it's harder to notice, since the whole thing is decorated/has weird shapes 

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At least in the previews for them, this bug doesn't look to affect/as noticeably affect some TennoGen skins. Regardless, it would be nice if in an upcoming update this very bad clipping for the Syam with most skins gets a fix. 

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